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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Dental Medical Loss Ratio

AB 1962 (Skinner –Chap. 567, Stats. of 2014) requires health plans and health insurers that offer, sell, issue, or renew a specialized health plan contract or health insurance policy covering dental services to file a Medical Loss Ratio report with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) or the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). On March 15th, 2015, CDI and DMHC issued joint guidance to health plans and health insurers subject to the provisions of the bill regarding compliance.

The guidance can be found here: AB 1962 Guidance

The bill also requires CDI and DMHC to make the reports public. Below please find the reports filed with CDI.

Insurer Name


Filing Year


Filing Year


Filing Year


Filing Year


Filing Year


Filing Year


Filing Year

ACE American Insurance Company HAO-2015-0238 HAO-2020-0015 HAO-2020-0016 HAO-2020-0014 HAO-2019-0294 HAO-2020-0222 HAO-2021-0247
Aetna Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0227 HAO-2016-0230 HAO-2017-0245 HAO-2018-0222 HAO-2019-0202 HAO-2020-0194 HAO-2021-0177
American National Life Insurance Company of Texas HAO-2015-0228 HAO-2016-0272 HAO-2017-0229 HAO-2018-0195 HAO-2019-0220 HAO-2020-0187 HAO-2021-0211
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp HAO-2015-0234 HAO-2016-0216 HAO-2017-0241 HAO-2018-0225 HAO-2019-0187 HAO-2020-0172 HAO-2021-0158
Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company HAO-2015-0214 HAO-2016-0243 HAO-2017-0255 HAO-2018-0233 HAO-2019-0210 HAO-2020-0208 HAO-2021-0197
BCS Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A



HAO-2020-0214 HAO-2021-0179
BEST Life and Health Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0243 HAO-2020-0225 HAO-2021-0216
Blue Shield of CA Life & Health Insurance Company HAO-2015-0213 HAO-2016-0226 HAO-2017-0228 HAO-2018-0208


HAO-2020-0181 HAO-2021-0184
Chesapeake Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0222 HAO-2016-0223 HAO-2017-0210 HAO-2018-0205 HAO-2019-0190 HAO-2020-0186 HAO-2021-0194
Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0243 HAO-2016-0233 HAO-2017-0258 HAO-2018-0228 HAO-2019-0198 HAO-2020-0189 HAO-2021-0188
Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0268 HAO-2020-0215 HAO-2021-0170
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0242 HAO-2016-0231 HAO-2017-0259 HAO-2018-0227 HAO-2019-0199 HAO-2020-0190 HAO-2021-0187
Dearborn National Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0207 HAO-2016-0261 HAO-2017-0252 HAO-2018-0249 HAO-2019-0226 HAO-2020-0197 HAO-2021-0166
Dentegra Insurance Company
HAO-2015-0226 HAO-2016-0211
HAO-2018-0202 HAO-2019-0165 HAO-2020-0175 HAO-2021-0147
First Health Life and Health Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A HAO-2018-0258 HAO-2019-0189 HAO-2020-0184 HAO-2021-0160
Golden Rule Insurance Company HAO-2015-0217 HAO-2016-0209 HAO-2017-0221 HAO-2018-0199 HAO-2019-0183 HAO-2020-0193


Guardian Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0239 HAO-2016-0237 HAO-2017-0219 HAO-2018-0192 HAO-2019-0064 HAO-2020-0161 HAO-2021-0133
Humana Dental Insurance Company HAO-2015-0218 HAO-2016-0210 HAO-2017-0214 HAO-2018-0210 HAO-2019-0233 HAO-2020-0177 HAO-2021-0175
Humana Insurance Company N/A N/A HAO-2017-0215 HAO-2018-0211 HAO-2019-0232 HAO-2020-0176 HAO-2021-0174
Independence American Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0308 HAO-2020-0209 HAO-2021-0209
Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company HAO-2015-0224 HAO-2016-0258 HAO-2017-0236 HAO-2018-0216 HAO-2019-0174 HAO-2020-0191 HAO-2021-0155
Kansas City Life Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0242 HAO-2020-0217 HAO-2021-0190
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0225 HAO-2016-0219 HAO-2017-0237 HAO-2018-0212 HAO-2019-0208 HAO-2020-0159 HAO-2021-0164
Madison National Life Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A HAO-2018-0292 HAO-2019-0228 HAO-2020-0153 HAO-2021-0165
ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0219 HAO-2020-0200 HAO-2021-0168
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0216 HAO-2016-0213 HAO-2017-0222 HAO-2018-0292 HAO-2019-0203 HAO-2020-0182 HAO-2021-0181
Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee HAO-2015-0223 HAO-2016-0234 HAO-2017-0209 HAO-2018-0206 HAO-2019-0191 HAO-2020-0185 HAO-2021-0195
Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company of America (Formerly MONY Life Insurance Company of America) N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0267 HAO-2020-0179 HAO-2021-0159
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2020-0231 HAO-2021-0143
National Casualty Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0245 HAO-2020-0196 HAO-2021-0154
National Guardian Life Insurance Company N/A HAO-2016-0276 HAO-2017-0231 HAO-2018-0218 HAO-2019-0240 HAO-2020-0250 HAO-2021-0200
Nationwide Life Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A HAO-2018-0252 HAO-2019-0230 HAO-2020-0195 HAO-2021-0145
Nippon Life Insurance Company of America HAO-2015-0221 HAO-2016-0214 HAO-2017-0227 HAO-2018-0226 HAO-2019-0227 HAO-2020-0227 HAO-2021-0217
Pan American Life Insurance Company HAO-2016-0018 HAO-2016-0220 HAO-2017-0240 HAO-2018-0219 HAO-2019-0231 HAO-2020-0174


Physicians Mutual Insurance Company HAO-2015-0244 HAO-2016-0222 HAO-2017-0220 HAO-2018-0209 HAO-2019-0195 HAO-2020-0173 HAO-2021-0161
Premier Access Insurance Company HAO-2015-0241 HAO-2016-0225 HAO-2017-0225 HAO-2018-0221 HAO-2019-0196 HAO-2020-0192 HAO-2021-0192
Principal Life Insurance Company HAO-2015-0220 HAO-2016-0218 HAO-2017-0224 HAO-2018-0196 HAO-2019-0172 HAO-2020-0171 HAO-2021-0169
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company-


HAO-2016-0215 HAO-2017-0242 HAO-2018-0223 HAO-2019-0186 HAO-2020-0198 HAO-2021-0167
Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company HAO-2015-0236 HAO-2016-0208 HAO-2017-0205 HAO-2018-0248 HAO-2019-0234 HAO-2020-0228 HAO-2021-0182
Securian Life Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0227 HAO-2017-0261 HAO-2018-0213 HAO-2019-0213 N/A N/A
Standard Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0217 HAO-2017-0243 HAO-2018-0224 HAO-2019-0185 HAO-2020-0180 HAO-2021-0157
Standard Life & Accident Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0277 HAO-2017-0230 HAO-2018-0194 HAO-2019-0221 HAO-2020-0188 HAO-2021-0191
Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2020-0210 HAO-2021-0210
Starmount Life Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0241 HAO-2020-0216 HAO-2021-0173
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada N/A HAO-2016-0257 HAO-2017-0238 HAO-2018-0215 HAO-2019-0184 HAO-2020-0212 HAO-2021-0172
Transamerica Life Insurance Company


N/A HAO-2018-0016 HAO-2018-0281 HAO-2019-0247 HAO-2020-0259 HAO-2021-0212
TruAssure Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0239 HAO-2020-0219 HAO-2021-0186
Unicare Life & Health Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0242 HAO-2017-0254 HAO-2018-0232 HAO-2019-0209 HAO-2020-0206 HAO-2021-0196
Unimerica Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0224 HAO-2017-0232 HAO-2018-0217 HAO-2019-0192 HAO-2020-0204 HAO-2021-0180
Union Security Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0229 HAO-2017-0239 HAO-2018-0214 HAO-2019-0193 HAO-2020-0213 HAO-2021-0193
United Concordia Insurance Company HAO-2015-0282 HAO-2019-0178 HAO-2019-0179 HAO-2019-0180


HAO-2020-0178 HAO-2021-0185
United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2019-0251 N/A N/A
United of Omaha Insurance Company N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A HAO-2020-0232 HAO-2021-0142
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company


HAO-2016-0221 HAO-2017-0244 HAO-2018-0201 HAO-2019-0204 HAO-2020-0207 HAO-2021-0201
UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company N/A N/A HAO-2017-0226 HAO-2018-0198 HAO-2019-0182 HAO-2020-0199 HAO-2021-0189


Please see DMHC's web site for reports filed by health plans regulated by DMHC.

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