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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2023 Press Releases by subject

News: 2023 Press Releases

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Automobile Insurance
Climate Change
Disasters – Flood
Disasters – Wildfires
Fraud/Investigations – Auto
Fraud/Investigations – Health care
Fraud/Investigations – Other
Fraud/Investigations – Workers’ compensation
Health care
Homeowners Insurance
Workers’ compensation

Automobile Insurance

December 21, 2023
Commissioner Lara acts to protect Californians' access to auto insurance

Climate Change Back to Top

December 13, 2023
Commissioner Lara gives progress report on Sustainable Insurance Strategy at Assembly hearing

September 13, 2023
Commissioner Lara on Next Steps for Sustainability of California Insurance Market

July 25, 2023
New Report Highlights U.S. Insurance Sector's Efforts in Addressing Climate Change Risk

June 7, 2023
California Department of Insurance to Host Workshop on Risk Assessment Tools to Safeguard Consumers from Climate Change

Disasters – Flood Back to Top

September 5, 2023
Commissioner Lara urges consumers and businesses to review insurance coverage during National Preparedness Month

August 21, 2023
Commissioner Lara provides insurance information for those affected by Tropical Storm Hilary

February 6, 2023
Padilla, Lara Host Forum on Federal Resources Available to Californians Recovering from Natural Disasters

January 4, 2023
Commissioner Lara alerts Californians about coverage for floods and mudslides caused by wildfires

Disasters – Wildfires Back to Top

September 19, 2023
Firefighters Can't Do It Alone - Live Burn Demo Shows Effectiveness of Homeowners Taking Wildfire Mitigation Actions

Fraud/Investigations – Auto Back to Top

August 16, 2023
23 charged in “family and friend” organized auto insurance fraud ring in Santa Clara County

May 24, 2023
Yucaipa driver and wife sentenced after YouTube videos of intentional collisions

March 23, 2023
YouTube videos of intentional collisions lead to arrests and charges against Yucaipa driver and wife

March 22, 2023
Stockton driver arraigned on 54 felony counts of insurance fraud and assault with a deadly weapon

Fraud/Investigations – Health care Back to Top

April 10, 2023
Department-led investigation leads to arraignment of a dozen suspects in  disability fraud scheme

Fraud/Investigations – Other Back to Top

November 29, 2023
Man who was former bail agent and Torrance Police Officer sentenced to 27 years in prison for kidnapping and extortion

November 9, 2023
Department takes action to protect consumers from Sacramento bail agent and unlicensed business

November 3, 2023
Encino insurance agent arraigned for grand theft after allegedly leaving client’s business uninsured

October 23, 2023
Laguna Beach insurance agent arraigned for allegedly stealing from small business owners

July 13, 2023
Former Santa Rosa agent sentenced to prison after stealing from consumers

July 5, 2023
Orange County insurance broker arraigned for allegedly stealing from small business owners

June 29, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces over $50.5 million in grants awarded statewide to assist law enforcement in fighting fraud

June 2, 2023
Temecula bail agent arrested on charges of falsifying evidence and perjury

May 23, 2023
Investigation into misleading wildfire mailers results in ban from industry

May 19, 2023
Man who was former bail agent and Torrance Police Officer found guilty by jury for kidnapping and extortion

May 16, 2023
Former insurance agent sentenced after stealing $220,000 from elderly clients including late art dealer

May 3, 2023
Formerly licensed Orange County agent charged with grand theft and insurance fraud

April 19, 2023
Investigation into misleading home warranty mailers results in refunds to consumers

April 10, 2023
Investigators seek additional victims of alleged fraud by former  Orange County insurance agent

February 9, 2023
Unlicensed Westminster insurance agent sentenced after stealing $140,000 from business owners

February 7, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces online health provider The Pill Club pays $3.2 million over alleged fraudulent claims practices

January 12, 2023
Former Huntington Beach insurance agent arrested for allegedly stealing over $90,000 from elderly client

Fraud/Investigations – Workers’ compensation Back to Top

October 6, 2023
Orange County business owner and office manager charged in insurance fraud scheme that put employees at risk and denied them wages

July 26, 2023
Bakersfield husband and wife charged for underreporting over $4 million in employee payroll

April 28, 2023
Merced family members arraigned in $2.1 million insurance fraud schemes

April 13, 2023
Central Valley Workers’ Compensation Fraud Task Force uncovers $1.6 million in unreported employee payroll

April 11, 2023
Escondido landscapers arraigned in workers’ compensation premium fraud scheme

Health care Back to Top

June 22, 2023
Insurance Commissioner Lara supports expanding access to federal health programs to DACA recipients

April 7, 2023
Commissioner Lara addresses insurance coverage for medication abortion following Texas court ruling

March 30, 2023
Commissioner Lara and legislators push to further enhance California’s preventive health care protections following Texas court ruling

Homeowners Insurance Back to Top

November 29, 2023
Court delivers win for homeowners in expanding FAIR Plan coverage

September 29, 2023
Commissioner Lara statement on the success of the second catastrophe modeling and insurance workshop

September 21, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces Sustainable Insurance Strategy to improve state’s market conditions for consumers

September 14, 2023
Commissioner Lara orders protections for more than 15,000 Californians following Smith River and Happy Camp Complex fires

Legal Back to Top

October 2, 2023
Department investigation leads to settlement with app-based auto insurance seller Go Maps and insurer Topa for mishandling claims

September 22, 2023
California Supreme Court affirms bail regulation promoting jail security and fair competition in the bail industry

July 11, 2023
Commissioner Lara issues new, lower workers’ compensation benchmark rate

May 15, 2023
Insurance Commissioner, State Labor Commissioner return hundreds of thousands in stolen wages to LA workers

March 29, 2023
Commissioner Lara and FAIR Plan reach agreement to increase commercial coverage limit to $20 million

March 28, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces $1.5 million in refunds to homeowners overcharged for wildfire risk

Legislation Back to Top

June 29, 2023
Commissioner Lara Commends Governor and State Legislature on Passage of 2023-24 State Budget Bill

May 4, 2023
Assembly unanimously passes insurance accelerator legislation for clean-fuel truck fleets

Miscellaneous Back to Top

November 17, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces appointments to the COIN Advisory Board

November 6, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces appointments to the CAARP Advisory Committee, the CIGA Board of Governors, and the Insurance Diversity Task Force

October 23, 2023
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara pays tribute to the legacy of environmental champion Cindy Montañez

October 12, 2023
Setting a new standard: Commissioner Lara launches inaugural Insurance Diversity Index

October 3, 2023
Statement from Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara on the swearing-in of Laphonza Butler to the U.S. Senate

September 29, 2023
California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara pays tribute to late Senator Dianne Feinstein: A trailblazing legacy that will continue to inspire

September 1, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces appointments to the Curriculum Board, the CAARP Advisory Committee, and the COIN Advisory Board

June 16, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces appointments to Curriculum Board and CAARP Advisory Committee

May 15, 2023
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara statement on the passing of Gloria Molina

April 14, 2023
Commissioner Lara Announces Appointments to the WCIRB Governing Committee

March 30, 2023
Commissioner Lara announces appointments to the CIGA Board of Governors

March 3, 2023
Commissioner Lara appoints new member to California Long Term Care Insurance Task Force and makes reappointments to Curriculum Board and Insurance Diversity Task Force

January 19, 2023
Commissioner Lara appoints members to statewide boards driving forward consumer protection mission

January 10, 2023
Insurance Commissioner Lara applauds Governor Newsom’s 2023-24 budget plan for major investments to protect consumers

Workers’ compensation Back to Top

March 10, 2023
LA business owner and conspirator sentenced in $54 million workers’ compensation insurance scheme

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