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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2018 Press Releases

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December 31, 2018
Death Master investigation leads to nearly $10 billion paid to beneficiaries

December 31, 2018
New regulations issued by Commissioner Jones set methodology for determining average contracted rate for medical services

December 27, 2018
Most insurers to increase payments to wildfire survivors without itemization of possessions following Commissioner Jones’ request

December 21, 2018
Greater consumer protections coming in January 2019; especially for seniors and future fire survivors

December 20, 2018
Detectives escort adjusters and survivors into Paradise

December 19, 2018
Commissioner imposes $4.3 million penalty on two California companies

December 18, 2018
Commissioner Jones publicly releases latest insurance company oil, gas, coal and utility investments

December 14, 2018
Commissioner Jones issues statement after Texas judge rules Affordable Care Act unconstitutional

December 14, 2018
Central Valley business owner arrested for billing scheme targeting billing scheme targeting breast cancer patients

December 13, 2018
Department urges insurers to participate in new website feature advertising specialty products

December 13, 2018
Commissioner asks insurers to waive inventory requirement for wildfire survivors

December 12, 2018
Jones urges U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to reject proposed rule

December 12, 2018
Insurance Commissioner reports over $9 billion insured losses from deadly 2018 wildfires

November Back to Top

November 30, 2018
Regulator takes control of small failing insurer

November 29, 2018
Survey results of insurer investments tied to thermal coal released

November 29, 2018
Commissioner approves rate reduction to save earthquake policyholders more than $16 million

November 21, 2018
Online homeowner insurance pricing tool helps residents find coverage

November 21, 2018
Residential policy locator service helps wildfire survivors and family members locate insurance policies

November 16, 2018
LoJack signal on reported stolen car reveals organized insurance fraud ring

November 16, 2018
Californians find $17 million in lost life insurance benefits

November 15, 2018
Commissioner Jones issues emergency notice to help expedite claims in California fires

November 14, 2018
Insurance Commissioner issues emergency declaration to help fire survivors across the state

November 9, 2018
California residents forced to evacuate could tap insurance for cost reimbursement

November 7, 2018
Former San Diego dentist and insurance agent sentenced to four years in prison

November 7, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Jones reduces workers' compensation pure premium recommended rate again

November 6, 2018
Former Orange County insurance agent arraigned on 40 felony counts of grand theft

November 1, 2018
Proposition 103 has saved California drivers over $154 billion over last 30 years

October Back to Top

October 29, 2018
Don’t wait until it’s too late to get flood insurance

October 12, 2018
Former Southland insurance agent sentenced in senior fraud scam

October 4, 2018
Insurance commissioner calls on industry to ease inventory requirement for  2018 wildfire survivors

October 1, 2018
National figures show increase in insurers’ procurement  from diverse suppliers

September Back to Top

September 28, 2018
Former licensed OC agent arrested on felony fraud and ID theft charges

September 28, 2018
Insurance Commissioner encourages greater governing board diversity for insurance companies in California

September 26, 2018
Commissioner approves new program to streamline licensing process for independent insurance adjusters

September 26, 2018
Jones encourages others to follow lead and adopt climate-related financial disclosure recommendations

September 25, 2018
$1 million life insurance scam uncovered in Southland investigation

September 21, 2018
Commissioner-supported bill to increase protections for wildfire survivors and enhance data collection signed by Governor

September 21, 2018
Governor signs five more Commissioner-sponsored bills to protect wildfire survivors

September 21, 2018
Court upholds Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations after decade-long legal challenge

September 19, 2018
Commissioner-sponsored life insurance bill signed by Governor to protect California consumers

September 19, 2018
Benicia man sentenced to 11 years for felony auto fraud

September 19, 2018
Mendocino Complex Fire officially 100 percent contained

September 19, 2018
California insurer offers discounts with all life policies to encourage healthier lifestyles

September 18, 2018
Jones sues biopharma giant AbbVie alleging illegal kickbacks in promoting HUMIRA

September 17, 2018
Commissioner-sponsored bill to help collect billions owed in child support payments signed by Governor

September 13, 2018
Jones urges House to oppose bill that undermines California security data protections

September 11, 2018
Department issues cease and desist order to NRA for marketing insurance without a license

September 10, 2018
Sentencing update - Former Southland insurance agent arrested for allegedly stealing and misusing consumer information

September 6, 2018
Carr and Mendocino Complex fire insurance claims top $845 million

September 5, 2018
Glendale insurance agent arrested for grand theft and fraud

September 4, 2018
CASE UPDATE: Former Orange County insurance agent allegedly steals over $10,000 from victims

August Back to Top

August 31, 2018
Four more Commissioner-sponsored bills to protect wildfire survivors pass Legislature

August 30, 2018
Insurance Commissioner announces new workers’ compensation program for California’s cannabis industry

August 30, 2018
Upward trend in drugged driving fuels Labor Day law enforcement effort

August 29, 2018
Department takes action to stop deceptive automated marketing calls to health insurance consumers

August 29, 2018
Commissioner-supported bill to increase protections for wildfire survivors passes Legislature

August 28, 2018
Commissioner-sponsored bill to protect wildfire survivors signed by Governor

August 27, 2018
Southland business owners charged in decade-long underground economy fraud scheme

August 27, 2018
Insurance Commissioner applauds California’s Fourth Assessment Climate Change Report

August 24, 2018
California’s 1st cannabis insurer expands coverage options/lowers premiums

August 21, 2018
Commissioner Jones approves first insurtech title insurer

August 20, 2018
Former Orange County insurance agent allegedly steals over $10,000 from victims

August 14, 2018
Department takes enforcement action against bail surety to protect Californians from discrimination

August 10, 2018
Public has a right to know how insurers choose who is eligible for coverage

August 8, 2018
Insurance commissioner warns wildfire survivors of scam artists and unlicensed contractors

August 8, 2018
California Insurance Commissioner appointed chair of national cannabis insurance committee

August 2, 2018
Cannabis coverage approved for three insurance carriers

August 1, 2018
Former agents sentenced to a combined 10 years in life insurance scheme

August 1, 2018
Commissioner takes multiple actions to assist wildfire survivors statewide

August 1, 2018
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones urges U.S. Justice Department to block merger of CVS and Aetna

July Back to Top

July 31, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones calls on Trump Administration to withdraw rule that threatens women’s access to health care services

July 28, 2018
Carr Fire victims may have insurance for evacuation cost reimbursement

July 17, 2018
Commissioner-sponsored bill to protect California seniors signed by Governor

July 17, 2018
California welcomes new provider to the life settlement marketplace

July 11, 2018
Governor Brown signs department-sponsored bill to protect wildfire survivors

July 9, 2018
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones’ statement on Trump Administration’s latest action to undermine the ACA

July 6, 2018
Central Coast insurance agent sentenced for embezzling from employer

July 3, 2018
Upward trend in drugged driving fuels July 4th law enforcement warning

July 2, 2018
Commissioner orders workers’ comp insurers to report federal income tax savings

June Back to Top

June 28, 2018
Commissioner sponsored bills to protect Californians pass Senate Insurance committee

June 27, 2018
Insurance industry 2, wildfire survivors 0

June 21, 2018
Former life insurance agent sentenced to 15 years for elder financial abuse

June 19, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Jones issues statement on federal Association Health Plan rule

June 19, 2018
Court denies failed insurer’s use of California special deposit funds for administrative expenses

June 14, 2018
Four department sponsored bills to help wildfire survivors pass Senate committee

June 13, 2018
Southland auto insurance appraiser gets 10 years for involvement in staged collision ring

June 13, 2018
Lodi doctor indicted in $700,000 insurance fraud scheme

June 12, 2018
Commissioner Jones announces legal action against life insurers to protect 50,000 policyholders

June 7, 2018
100 Deadliest Days of Summer begins as young driver at-fault collisions trend upward

June 4, 2018
California’s cannabis insurance marketplace continues to grow with commissioner’s latest approval

May Back to Top

May 31, 2018
Insurance industry fear tactics kill legislation aimed at helping wildfire survivors

May 30, 2018
Bill to help collect billions owed in child support payments passes Assembly

May 30, 2018
Family arson ring roasted for $4 million insurance fraud case

May 29, 2018
Legislation designed to help wildfire survivors rebuild passes Senate floor

May 29, 2018
Workers’ compensation costs continue to decline but employers not seeing equivalent premium savings

May 24, 2018
Southland agents arrested for fraud and ID theft in commissions scam

May 21, 2018
New investment marketplace facilitates high impact investments in California’s underserved communities

May 21, 2018
Commissioner Jones statement on Trump rule to restrict funds for women’s health services

May 16, 2018
Department of Insurance employee receives Governor’s Medal of Valor Award for first time

May 16, 2018
Commissioner approves new product liability program for cannabis industry

May 16, 2018
Weeding through the unique insurance needs of the cannabis industry

May 10, 2018
San Jose based security company busted for $3.2 million premium fraud

May 9, 2018
Former Zenefits CEO surrenders insurance license following department enforcement action

May 8, 2018
First-in-the-nation stress test conducted to determine climate-related risk to insurance industry investments

May 7, 2018
First in-the-nation stress test conducted on insurance industry’s financial climate risk

May 7, 2018
Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. agrees to $1.875 million settlement with Commissioner

May 3, 2018
Department grounds Daly City electrician for workers’ comp fraud

May 2, 2018
Commissioner sponsored bills addressing underinsurance for disaster survivors clear Committee

May 1, 2018
Insurance Commissioner approves first coverage to protect property owners leasing to cannabis industry

April Back to Top

April 27, 2018
Brawley woman sentenced for disability insurance fraud

April 26, 2018
Department sponsored bills protecting wildfire survivors pass first test

April 25, 2018
Jones vows to fight industry assault on proposed solutions to protect wildfire survivors

April 24, 2018
Commissioner Jones renews request to insurers to offer insurance for cannabis industry

April 23, 2018
Commissioner Jones urges federal government to withdraw proposed health care rule

April 23, 2018
Allergan agrees to settlement in alleged defective Lap-Band case

April 18, 2018
Department receives honor as a model for diversity and gender equity

April 17, 2018
Judge orders drug rehab co-conspirator to state corrections’ custody

April 12, 2018
Case Update: Former agent who pocketed insurance premiums pleads guilty to fraud

April 10, 2018
Investigation into sale of short-term health policies leads to $5 million settlement with HCC Life Insurance Company

April 9, 2018
It’s time for Californians to rethink their retirement plans

April 5, 2018
Commissioner announces California insurers collect $310 billion in premiums

April 4, 2018
Are You ‘Intexticated?’

April 2, 2018
Montecito mudslide insurance claims top $421 million

March Back to Top

March 29, 2018
Access Insurance consumers urged to find new coverage now

March 27, 2018
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones urges Trump Administration to withdraw rule that encourages discrimination

March 21, 2018
Former life insurance agents busted for $1.9 million scam

March 19, 2018
Statement from California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones regarding today’s federal health insurance proposal from Republicans

March 16, 2018
Department puts insurers on notice for excessive rates with new tax savings

March 7, 2018
California will defend its right not to cooperate in deportations

March 7, 2018
Regulator orders insurer to stop all business operations to protect policyholders

March 6, 2018
New private flood insurance offers consumers more choice

March 5, 2018
Summit convenes insurer executives focused on governing board diversity

February Back to Top

February 21, 2018
First surety bond program for cannabis industry approved by insurance commissioner

February 20, 2018
U.S. Supreme Court rejects Mercury’s latest attack on Proposition 103

February 16, 2018
Jones prevails in legal challenge to bail regulation

February 15, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Jones opens investigation into alleged denials of life insurance policies for gay men taking HIV/AIDS prevention medications

February 12, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones issues statement confirming Aetna investigation

February 8, 2018
Southland husband and wife arrested for allegedly scamming seniors

February 8, 2018
Department recovers more than $81.3 million for California consumers in 2017

February 7, 2018
Case Update - San Diego insurance agent charged in $1.1 million senior investment scam

January Back to Top

January 31, 2018
California statewide wildfire insurance claims nearly $12 billion

January 29, 2018
Jones issues formal notice to insurers regarding mudslide coverage for homeowners

January 28, 2018
Commissioner Jones informs mudslide survivors of insurance options

January 25, 2018
Ex-insurance agent serving 10 years in prison denied parole

January 23, 2018
California looks to pass on insurer tax savings to consumers

January 23, 2018
Registration opens for $3,000 seismic retrofit grants

January 23, 2018
Department takes additional legal action against Access Insurance Company to protect policyholders

January 23, 2018
Jones seeks to have insurers pass corporate tax savings on to policyholders

January 18, 2018
Insurers to increase payments to wildfire survivors without itemization of possessions following Commissioner Jones’ notice

January 16, 2018
Stronger laws proposed to help wildfire survivors with insurance claims

January 5, 2018
Former agent sentenced for stealing $100,000 in premiums and investment funds

January 4, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Condemns Attorney General Jeff Session’s Rescission of the Cole Memoranda

January 4, 2018
National retailer settles civil suit alleging prescription fraud practices

January 4, 2018
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones releases report addressing fire insurance availability issues

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