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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Rate Filing Applications

The following Rate Regulation application forms and instructions are now available in Microsoft Word and/or in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). The Word documents may be downloaded to your computer. To view the PDF forms on your browser you must have a current Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded via our Free Document Readers page.

Proposition 103 Applications

  • Class Plan  (Rev. 04/15/11) - is used to file changes in any Private Passenger Automobile rating factors or introduce a new Private Passenger Automobile program in compliance with Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 4.7 of the California Code of Regulations. More Auto Class Plan Information.
    • Mileage and/or Years Licensed & Allowable Optional Rating Factor Form: to be used when Years Licensed has been combined with any of the allowable Optional Rating Factors
    • Insurers must provide statistical documentation to show that the individual weights are in compliance with CCR sections 2632.5(e) and 2632.8.  The above CDI example form is to be used for this purpose.
  • Prior Approval:  Please select the link to the left "Prior Approval Rate Filing Information" for complete instructions and application. (PDF)(Rev. 04/17/07) - is used for rate, rule, form and new program filings for the following lines of business: fire, allied lines, homeowners, commercial multi-peril, earthquake, farmowners, inland marine, medical malpractice, other liability, auto liability and physical damage, aircraft, glass, burglary and theft, boiler and machinery, fidelity, surety, and miscellaneous. 

Non-Proposition 103 Applications

  1. File and Use (pdf-7kb) (3-25-93) - is used for rates, forms, and new programs for credit and financial guaranty. The change may be implemented by the company without prior approval from the Department of Insurance by stating the effective date. The effective date of the change should be no earlier than the date the application is RECEIVED by the San Francisco filing office. These filings are subject to review and analysis by the Department of Insurance. 
  2. Title & UTC Filing Forms (CA TI RA-1) - is used to submit schedules of rates, all regularly issued forms of title policies to which such rates apply, and every modification thereof proposed for use in this state.  Companies must submit filings through the State Electronic Rate Filing Form (SERFF.
  3. Workers' Compensation  (CA-WC Rev. 09/2015)- is used to submit workers' compensation rates and rating plans. Workers' compensation form filings are submitted to the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau in San Francisco, California.  Carriers must submit filings using the State Electronic Rate Filing Form (SERFF).

Advisory Organization Application

Section 1855.1 of the California Insurance Code allows insurance advisory organizations to develop and draft manuals and forms for use by insurers in California, provided that prior to being used by insurers, manuals and forms are submitted in writing to the commissioner for his or her consideration or approval. Title 10, California Code of Regulations, Chapter 5, Subchapter 1.5, Sections 2195.1 to 2199.1 outline items that should be included in the advisory organization form filing and Subchapter 1.6, Sections 2199.2.1 through 2199.5.1 outline the requirements for the advisory organization manual filing.

Advisory Organization Form & Manual (10-2014) - The Rate Regulation Division has updated the Transmittal Letter for Submission of Advisory Organization Forms and Manual to enhance its use for both forms and manual submissions. This format is to be used to file forms, manuals, including policy writing rules, rating plans, classification codes and descriptions, territory codes and descriptions, prospective loss costs, and rules that include factors and relativities such as increased limits factors, classification relativities, or similar factors.

Filing Instructions

  • Class Plan (PDF)—provides information on how to complete the class plan application. The instructions were revised on March 3, 2009.
  • Prior Approval (PDF, 22 kb)—provides information on how to complete the rate application for rate, rule, forms and new program filings. These instructions also provide some guidance in the information that is needed for advisory organization forms filings. The instructions were revised on April 17, 2007.  Please click on the link to the left of this page titled: "Prior Approval Rate Filing Information" for the current instructions.
  • Workers' Compensatio (PDF)—provides information on how to complete the workers' compensation rate filing application. The instructions were revised on November, 1998. 
  • Advisory Organization Manual (doc, 20 kb)—provdies information on how to complete the Advisory Organization forms.

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