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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2023 Premium Tax Forms and Instructions

Premium Tax Forms are now available in MS-Excel (MS-Excel) format. Instructions, and Information are in Microsoft-Word format (MS-Word). Each may be downloaded to your computer. If your current software does not support these formats, you may download the Web App by visiting our Free Document Readers page.

  • For assistance completing or reading these forms, please contact the Premium Tax Audit Unit.
  • For assistance on making tax payments, please contact the EFT Unit.

Electronic or Paper Filing

Tax returns and vouchers may be filed electronically. Filing using paper originals via mail is still available. Only one method may be selected.

1. To File Electronically:

  • For Original Tax Return: Send a scanned copy of the physically signed tax return and required attachments to
  • For Tax Payment Vouchers: If tax payments are made via EFT, Tax Payment Vouchers can be filed via e-mail to PremiumTaxFiling.
  • For Amended Tax Return: Send a scanned copy of the physically signed tax return and required attachments to and refer to latest Tax Return Instructions, last page, for additional instructions for tax payment and claim for refund. Important: Additional tax due from amended tax returns must be made by check and made payable to the State Controller's Office. Do Not send payment via EFT. For claim for refund, Do Not Deduct or Credit the requested refund when filing any future tax returns or prepayments due. The amount claimed is Not a Refund until certified as correct and a Notice of Refund is issued to you by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.
  • When filing via e-mail, include in the subject line: Name of the insurer or surplus line broker;  CA Permanent number (not NAIC number) or SLB License number; Tax form being filed (PC, Life, Title, HP, OM, SLB); and associated Tax Year.

2. To File by Mail: 

  • For Original Tax Return: Refer to latest Tax Return Instructions first page for mailing address.
  • For Amended Tax Return: Refer to latest Tax Return Instructions last page for mailing addresses.

Calendar Year 2023 Tax Forms, Instructions, and Information

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