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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Property & Casualty Insurers - Notices and Forms

Pursuant to California Code of Regulation ("CCR") 2308.1, the Insurance Commissioner ("Commissioner") designates the Internet-based financial filing system operated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") as the filing system to receive and store electronic filings of annual and quarterly financial statements from all admitted insurers.  A document is considered filed with the Commissioner when the filing is accepted by the NAIC.  Any financial statements, which are not required to be filed with the NAIC or required to be filed with the NAIC that is not accepted for filing by the NAIC, shall be filed directly with the California Department of Insurance ("CDI") via the Online Assistance System for Insurer Submittals ("OASIS").

All filings must be submitted electronically. We are accepting electronic signature(s), verification, certification and notarization. The electronically submitted PDF file, to the NAIC and/or to the CDI, shall contain the required signature(s)/verification/certification/notarization. In addition, an admitted insurer shall maintain on file any statutorily required paper original of a properly executed document in accordance with the California Insurance Code (“CIC”) §730(f).

For non-electronic original signature(s), please use BLUE INK. All documents notarized in the state of California must comply with Section 8202 of the Government Code and Section 1185 of the Civil Code in reference to establishing an affiant’s identity.

Financial Filings Instructions:

Property and Casualty Insurers Checklist.docx

Form No.



Disclosure of Material Transactions.xlsx


CA Affidavit - Declaration to Valuation of Property & Securities/Verification.xlsx


Authorization for Disclosure of Financial Records.docx


Valuation of All Securities on Deposit with California.xlsx


California Special Interrogatory for Mortgage Guaranty Insurers.xlsx


A & H Insurers/Reinsuers with Workers Compensation Exposures.docx


Special California Schedule P ("SCASP").xlsx


"SCASP" Part VII - Actuarial Certification SCASP Q&A's.pdf


Disclosure of Iran-Related Investments.xlsx


CA Trusteed Surplus Statement.xlsx

506 Change of Appointed Actuary.xlsx


Report of Dividend - CA .xlsx

Bulletin 93-6

List of Insurers Authorized to Reinsure the Injury, Disablement, or Death Portions of Workers' Compensation Policies

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