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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Residential Earthquake Written Premium Distribution - Exhibit B

Exhibit B is comprised of total direct written premiums for California Earthquake Authority (CEA) companies and Non-CEA companies. Since 1996, the CEA market share has decreased to 66% in 2000 - a decrease of eight (8) percentage points. In 1998, two new non-CEA companies began writing Earthquake coverage exclusively, which could explain the increase in premium for non-CEA companies.

Chart (PDF version)


Year California Earthquake Authority (CEA) Non-CEA
1996 $576,560,688 $201,445,977
1997 $436,901,121 $169,529,150
1998 $399,348,674 $189,375,775
1999 $417,802,063 $208,034,997
2000 $419,997,934 $217,482,486

Summary Tables

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