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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Summary of Residential Market Share - Exhibit A

Exhibit A consists of total direct written premiums for residential property coverage with Earthquake premium included and for Earthquake separately. The exhibit demonstrates a steady 17.7% increase for the residential market over the five (5) years. Whereas, the Earthquake market decreased to its lowest point in 1998 but has since increased. However, the Earthquake premium written in 2000 is well below 1996 by approximately 18.1%.

Chart (PDF version)


Year Total Residential Insurance Including Earthquake Earthquake Written Premium
1996 $3,792,964,191 $778,006,665
1997 $3,646,127,974 $606,430,271
1998 $4,043,056,462 $588,724,450
1999 $4,234,471,439 $625,837,060
2000 $4,462,849,811 $637,262,420

Summary Tables

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