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On January 1, 2017, Senate Bill (SB) 488New May 2013made changes to the Public Insurance Adjusters Act, Section 15000 et seq. of the California Insurance Code (CIC). The intent of the changes was to align California law with the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's model act for public adjusters and to provide clarification to some of the existing public adjuster statutes.

Specifically, the new law made the following changes:

  • Added Prelicensing Education: Unless exempted, resident applicants must complete a 20-hour prelicensing education course as a condition of licensure;
  • Added Non-resident licensing reciprocity: Non-resident applicants are not required to complete the prelicensing education requirement and also are not required to take the qualifying exam. As before, non-resident licensees continue to be exempt from the 24-hour continuing education course required for California residents;
  • Accepts Designated Home State applicants: An applicant who resides in another state that does not license public adjusters may designate California as his or her home state.
  • Added another option to meet the experience requirement: An applicant who was licensed as an Apprentice Public Adjuster for 12 months will satisfy the two-year experience requirement;
  • Clarifies photo requirement: The passport-size photograph that the license applicant is required to submit with the public insurance adjuster license application now cannot be older than six months; and finally,
  • Revisions to the Contract and Disclosure Document: There are minor revisions to the public adjuster contracts and the disclosure document that must be approved by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). Links to the sample contract and the disclosure document are provided in the steps below.

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