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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Application Procedures-Individual Residents

License Information

Please follow the steps noted below to schedule your license exam and complete an application:

Step 1 - Fingerprint impressions are required for unlicensed applicants and can be submitted at any time prior to submitting the license application.

Fingerprint impressions may be taken at the California Department of Insurance examination sites or PSI exam sites. Refer to our fingerprint page for instructions. Failure to submit fingerprints in a timely manner may cause a delay in the issuance of your license.

Step 2 - 1033 Application for Written Consent - Any person who has been convicted of felony crimes of dishonesty or breach of trust in a state or federal jurisdiction, or who has been convicted of any violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 (the "Act"), must first obtain the written consent of the Commissioner prior to engaging or continuing to engage in the business of insurance in California.

Step 3 - Prelicensing Education: Must complete 20 hours of public adjuster prelicensing education prior to the issuance of the license. Applicants may complete a 20-hour property Prelicensing education course to fulfill this requirement. Please use the approved education courses list and complete the drop down menus to retrieve a list of approved 20 hour prelicensing courses.

Step 4 - Experience Requirement: Must have two years certified experience in the insurance adjusting field. 2,000 hours of compensated time in the adjusting field is equal to one year of experience. New Applicants who were licensed as an Apprentice Public Adjuster for 12 months will satisfy the two-year experience requirement. 

Step 5 - Qualifying Exam: Schedule and pass the qualifying license exam using the following link that will provide you with information on how to schedule your exam: Insurance License Examination Information.

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) requires California resident applicants to first pass the qualifying license exam prior to submitting their license application.

Step 6 - Application: After passing the qualifying license exam, apply online for a public insurance adjuster license using Sircon, NIPR or the paper individual license application form – Public Adjuster and Apprentice License, form CDI-180.

Step 7 - Fees:

  • License two year filing fee: $264
  • Exam fee: $68 per scheduled exam date at a California Department of Insurance exam site or $101 per scheduled exam date at a PSI exam site. Do not include the exam fee when you submit your adjuster application.

All filing fees submitted are not refundable, whether or not the application is acted upon or an exam taken. (Section 1751.5 of the California Insurance Code)

Step 8 - Bond: Complete a Bond of Public Insurance Adjuster, form LIC 94A in the penal sum of $20,000, by a California admitted surety, in the name of the applicant and signed by the applicant authorizing the person to act as a public insurance adjuster.

Step 9 - Submit two recent 2 x 2 passport size photographs.

Step 10 - Contract: Pursuant to Section 15027 of the California Insurance Code (CIC), no licensee shall, directly or indirectly, act within this state as a public insurance adjuster without having first entered into a business contract, in writing, on a form approved by the insurance commissioner and executed in duplicate by the public adjuster and the insured or a duly authorized representative. One original contract shall be kept on file by the licensee, available at all times for inspection, without notice, by the commissioner or his or her duly authorized representative, and one original contract shall be given to the insured.

CDI has provided a sample contract for Public Insurance Adjusters to follow when developing their business contract. Please submit a new or revised business contract to the following address: California Department of Insurance, Attention: Adjuster Unit; 300 Capitol Mall, 16th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814-4313. Using the sample contract will satisfy the requirements of Section 15027 of the CIC although the applicant or licensee is not required to use the sample contract. However, all contract forms must meet the requirements of CIC Section 15027 and must be approved by the CDI's legal division prior to use. Consequently, following the sample contract should expedite the approval process.

Note: Pursuant to Section 15027(v) of the CIC prior to the signing of the contract, the licensee shall provide the insured with a separate printed disclosure document that bears the name and license number of the licensee.

Continuing Education (CE):

Section 15059.1 of the CIC requires 24 hours of CE, including 3 hours of ethics during the two-year license term for California resident public insurance adjusters. The CDI maintains an approved education course list.

Designated Home State applicants:

California will issue licenses to public insurance adjusters who reside in states that do not license public insurance adjusters. Such individuals must meet all of the licensing requirements of a California resident to designate California as their home state.

Additional Documents:

The Insurance Commissioner may require such other documents as will aid in determining whether the applicant meets the qualifications for a license.


For specific questions regarding this license, please e-mail the Producer Licensing Bureau at Producer Licensing Bureau e-Mail or call the CDI's Licensing Hotline at (800) 967-9331. Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number and e-mail address in all correspondence with the CDI.

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