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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Application Procedures-Business Entity Residents

License Information

Please follow the steps noted below to file for a business entity license:

Step 1 - Reserve a name for approval

Applicants for a business entity license must use Sircon's Business Entity Name Approval Request to reserve a name.

Note: Please review our Name Approval Criteria and lists of Unacceptable Words/Phrases and Improper Use of Words/Phrases. You are also encouraged to review names that are currently being used by going to Business Entity Name Search program.

Step 2 - Applicants must submit a property broker-agent application using Sircon's Apply for a License.

Step 3 - Endorse an individual property broker-agent.

Business entity must name at least one natural person who holds a California resident property broker-agent license to represent the business license. Endorsees should be named on the Business Entity Application during the initial business entity application filing. Subsequent agent endorsements must be submitted online at Sircon's Maintain Agency Associations (i.e. adding or removing individual licensees who are to transact insurance under authority of its license) (CIC Section 1661). Each natural person who does not hold an active California property broker-agent license must file separately for an individual resident or non-resident property broker-agent license. These links will provide information on individual filing requirements: Individual Resident Property Broker-Agent or Individual Non-Resident Property Broker-Agent.

Step 4 - Fees

  • License filing fee two year term: $188)
  • Business Entity Endorsement fee: $32 per endorsee per qualification.

Note: When a application is made to CDI, applicants may apply for is known as a "property and casualty broker-agent license" by selecting both the property broker-agent and casualty broker-agent license types on their application. Applicants checking both the property broker-agent and casualty broker-agent license types on the application will pay one license filing fee of $188.

Financial Security Requirements for Limited Liability Companies

Limited liability companies (LLC's) are required to provide proof of satisfying the security requirements of California Insurance Code Section 1647.5 when applying for an insurance license and once licensed, must also file with the Commissioner an annual confirmation of coverage demonstrating continued compliance with the financial security requirements.

For additional LLC application filing information, annual certification of coverage information, links to forms that can be used as proof of fulfilling the security security requirements, please go to the following link: Business Entity Limited Liability Company Requirements

Additional Documents

The Insurance Commissioner may require such documents as will aid in determining whether the applicant meets the qualifications for a license.

Upon application approval the license can be downloaded or printed by using CDI's Print or Download Your License. However, the licensee may not transact, solicit, or negotiate the sale of insurance until after one of the following documents is completed and submitted to the California Department of Insurance (CDI):

  • An Action Notice of Appointment, with $32 filing fee, completed by the sponsoring insurance company admitted to California. Pursuant to Section 2190.22 of Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations, the Action Notice of Appointment must be submitted electronically. To submit appointments electronically contact the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) and its authorized business partners for a list of approved partners.
  • Bond of Insurance Broker, form LIC 417-5, in the penal sum of $10,000, by a California admitted surety, completed in the true name of the business entity as principal and signed by the business entity authorizes the business entity to act as an insurance broker.

All filing fees submitted are not refundable, whether or not the application is acted upon or the examination taken.

For specific questions regarding this license type, please e-mail the Producer Licensing Bureau at Producer Licensing Bureau E-Mail or call the CDI's Licensing Hotline at (800) 967-9331. Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number and e-mail address in all correspondence with the CDI.

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