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How to Complete the FLASH Application

The CDI's FLASH application service asks the same questions as those listed on the Individual Application, Form LIC 441-9. The only difference is that the CDI will receive the application on the same day it is completed. Listed below are descriptions of the screens the applicant will view when completing the application. Please review the CDI's eligibility requirements before beginning to use the FLASH service.


The first screen will display "Welcome to FLASH," the Internet License Application.  If you are starting a new application, select "Start New Application."

California ID:

The second screen will ask for the "California ID." The California Department of Insurance (CDI) requires California resident applicants to first pass the qualifying license examination prior to submitting their license application.  This affects California residents applying for any license in which an examination is required (i.e., life, accident and health, property, casualty, personal lines, limited lines automobile, and life limited to funeral and burial expenses). CDI's online application service Fast Licensing Application Service is Here (FLASH) requires applicants to enter a unique 12-digit identification number which is located on the upper left corner of the passed examination letter.  FLASH only allows the application to be submitted if the applicant enters the correct identification number and has passed the examination, not just scheduled the examination. Consequently, for an application to be accepted, the applicant's identification number entered must be identical to the identification number that is stated on the passed examination letter.

The identification number consists of the applicant's last four digits of his or her social security number (e.g., 7777), followed by the two-digit birth month (e.g., 01), followed by the two-digit birth day (e.g., 02), and finally, the four-digit birth year (e.g., 1963). In this example, the 12-digit identification number would be 777701021963. The online application service will only allow the application to be submitted if the identification number is correct and you passed your license examination.

License Type:

The third screen asks for "License Type." A separate application may be required for some license types.  Also on this page are personal information questions such as the "Applicant Name." You must enter full legal name. If no middle name, check the box. If any part of your legal name is an initial only, place parentheses around such initial.

For the question, "Are You a Citizen of the United States?" If no is answered, the applicant must supply a copy of both sides of the work authorization.


This screen asks for the "Address Information." A PO Box number is not acceptable for resident and business addresses. Further, business and mailing addresses are public record and are available to the public. It is the applicants and licensees' responsibility to immediately notify the CDI of any change in addresses. For the mailing address, if the address is the same as both the residential and business address, please check either the same as resident address or the same as business box. Please do not check both boxes.

Work/Personal History:

This screen asks for your work/personal history for the previous five years. Provide all employment experiences starting with your current employer working back five years. Include both full and part-time work, self-employment, military service, unemployment, and full-time education. Please use the same date format as if shown in the example. Also, press "Add to List" after each work/personal history is completed.

License History: 

This screen asks if you ever held an insurance license and requests the license history information. If currently licensed as a resident in another state, upon becoming a California resident, a clearance letter from the previous state of residence is required.

Fictitious Name:

This screen asks for the fictitious name or "AKA/Alias" name. List both previously and currently used aliases and maiden names, if any. If you are currently using an "also known as" (AKA) name which you desire to be noted on record, so state. Abbreviations of true name or "nick" names are not acceptable.

Licensing Questions: 

This section asks the applicant additional questions specific to Life-Only agents and also specific to prelicensing requirements for most license types.

The first question asks whether Life-Only agent applicants intend to act as Variable Contract Agents. If the answer is "yes," the applicant must provide either the Central Registration Depository (CRD) number or acceptable proof of approved registration before the authority can be granted.

The next question asks whether the prelicensing education requirements have been met. If the applicant certifies that these requirements were met, they must provide the completion date. If not met, the prelicensing education requirements must be completed prior to taking the examination.

All new applicants for the following license types must complete the following prelicensing requirements:

  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the property broker-agent license exam, and/or;
  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the casualty broker-agent license exam, and/or:
  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the life-only agent license exam, and/or;
  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the accident and health agent exam;
  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the personal lines broker-agent license exam,
  • take an approved minimum 20-hour class to qualify for the limited lines automobile insurance agent exam,

~ and ~

  • take an approved minimum 12-hour class on ethics and the California Insurance Code.

The Property Broker-Agent and/or Casualty Broker-Agent and/or Life-Only Agent and/or Accident and Health Agent applicant will be taking either 32 hours (20 and 12), 52 hours (20 and 20 and 12), 72 hours (20 and 20 and 20 and 12) or 92 (20 and 20 and 20 and 20 and 12) of prelicensing class hours depending on whether one, two, three, or all four licenses are being sought.

The Personal Lines Broker-Agent applicant is required to complete 32 hours (20 and 12) of prelicensing classroom hours.

Background Questions: 

This screen asks the background questions. If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you must submit a signed statement, with your original signature explaining the circumstance of the incident. You must also provide the additional certified documentation described with each question.

Summary Page: 

This screen is the Summary Page. On this page, you may review all information completed on the application. At the bottom of this page you may:

  • Print the Summary Screen
  • If you select print the Summary Screen, the information stated on the summary screen will print.
  • Proceed to Payment
If you select Proceed to Payment, a screen will show you the required fees and allow you to access credit cards (American Express, VISA or MasterCard) or debit cards (with VISA or MasterCard logo), fill-in the credit or debit card number and the expiration date. The next screen will ask for verification. And the last screen gives you a Credit or Debit Card receipt that we suggest you print and keep with your records.

Cancel the Application

If you select Cancel the Application, the application will be canceled in its entirety.


This payment page will show the applicable license fees. The applicant will be required to pay the license fees by using either a credit card (American Express, VISA, or MasterCard) or debit card (with the VISA or MasterCard logo).  Please note there is no service fee for using this service.


After submitting the application with the applicable license fees, the Checklist will be displayed to show if the applicant has other required documents that need to be submitted to the CDI. If other documents are required, the applicant must take the Checklist and the required documents to the CDI's Examination Site and will be collected (only if your pass your examination).

For a Motor Club agent you would mail any necessary statement(s) and/or document(s) with your checklist to: Department of Insurance, 320 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814-4309.

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FLASH Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain insurance licensing information, you may phone the Producer Licensing Bureau at (800) 967-9331.

To obtain insurance licensing forms by mail, send an e-mail request to: Producer Licensing Bureau.

All filing fees submitted are not refundable, whether or not the application is acted upon or an examination taken.

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