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CA Department of Insurance

Internships and Student Positions

Student Interns (Non-Paid/Volunteer Position): Individuals who are either currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, community college, or high school.  They are engaged in experiential learning in the workplace in return for academic/course credit or are engaging in a program about learning in a profession under the supervision of an appropriate Department supervisor or manager for a period not to exceed 12 months in duration.

Student Assistant (Civil Service Position):  Designed for undergraduate college students performing pre-professional duties, Student Assistants should perform technical or administrative work, rather than clerical work.  The work assigned to Student Assistants must be related to their college curriculum and/or academic goals.  Positions in which the duties are predominately clerical in nature cannot be approved as Student Assistants.  Instead, the Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) will explore other alternatives such as Seasonal Clerk or Youth Aid to meet the hiring supervisor’s short-term clerical staffing needs.

Graduate Student Assistant (Civil Service Position):  Available for individuals who have graduated from college and who are current students working toward an advanced degree in a professional field.  Graduate Student Assistants perform entry-level professional work; they should not be assigned clerical duties.

How to Apply

Student Assistant* positions are non-testing, therefore there is no examination for this class.  Eligibility is verified by confirmation of active college enrollment.**

Position Description

Student Assistant positions are subject to minimum qualifications of the civil service position.

How to Apply

Vacancies are posted to CDI Job Vacancies and the application process is electronically through the CalHR Job Seeker website.

Student Internship* positions are developed through the Department of Insurance Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) and; therefore, are not advertised. Requirements include a grade point average of 3.0 or above and knowledge of Windows MS Office. Please submit cover letter and resume to


*This is a non-testing classification, therefore anyone meeting the minimum qualifications listed on the classification specification may apply for this position.  Individuals who are, or have been, a dependent child in foster care, a homeless youth, or a formerly incarcerated youth as defined by Government Code section 18220 are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.  If you are applying under this eligibility status, please note on your application your eligibility by stating "preference under Government Code section 18220". Please note that prior to appointment, individuals claiming preference under one of these categories will be required to furnish documentation establishing their eligibility.
**Employment in these classifications is based on continued enrollment in a college curriculum and is restricted to students who are admitted for enrollment in a curriculum that will prepare them to attain the objectives of the organization where they are/will be employed.


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