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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Fraud Division Job Opportunity Information

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Investigators for the Fraud Division are the leading experts in the field of insurance fraud investigation. They conduct complex criminal investigations of insurance fraud and other related crimes.  Fraud Division investigators work closely with allied law enforcement agencies on the local, state and federal level as well as prosecutors in the continued fight against fraud in the state of California.  In addition, investigators and provide training to the public and private sector in order to raise awareness of insurance fraud and the impact these crimes have. As sworn peace officers they must possess eligibility for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic or Specialized Certificate and are authorized and expected to: interview witnesses and suspects, write and serve search warrants, execute felony arrests, conduct undercover and surveillance operations, write detailed investigative reports, and work with prosecuting agencies.

Specialized Training

The Department provides a Basic Investigator Course to familiarize new Investigators with the fundamentals of investigating insurance fraud cases and the Fraud Division's policies and procedures. Other training offered include, but are not limited to: Building Entry, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Investigative Techniques, Arrest and Control, Undercover Operations, Surveillance, Search and Arrest Warrants.

Possible Assignments

Investigators with unique capabilities may have the opportunity to work special assignments such as: Automobile Theft Taskforce, Mexico Liaison Unit, Pharmaceutical Fraud Unit, Staff Instructor, Enforcement Tactics Instructor, Computer Forensic Team, Background Investigator, Underground Economy Taskforce, Internal Affairs, Homeland Security Liaison, and Organized Crime Specialist.


CalPERS Peace Officer Retirement
Medical, Dental and Vision
Sick and Vacation Leave
Paid Holidays
Bilingual Pay
Education Incentive
Physical Fitness Incentive Pay
Flexible work schedule
Career Advancement
Geographic Pay Differential: Detectives in Los Angeles County and Silicon Valley Regional Office receive an additional $200 a month

Note:  Applicants who do not possess California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certification will be placed in a Basic POST Certified Academy upon hire.

Applying for a position as an Investigator with the Department of Insurance is the first step toward an exciting career in law enforcement.  We are currently accepting applications on a continuous basis!

Step One:  Review the Investigator JOB Bulletins for current employment information.

Under "Search Exams and Job Vacancies" use "Investigator" as the Job Title/Keyword and "Department of Insurance as the Department.

This search will bring up the current vacancies and examinations for the "Investigator" and "Special Investigator" job titles.  Select the vacancies for the "Investigator" job title.

All available job and geographic locations will be posted on this site.  Choose the one you are interested in for more information.

Step Two:  Sign up for a CalCareer Account on the California State Jobs website.
Beginning in 2016, the process of getting a job with the State of California has been updated.  The process begins by creating a CalCareer account.  A CalCareer Account lets you take state civil service examinations, store different versions of your state application, apply for vacancies at 150 departments, track your application status and save your resume all in one place.

Only one CalCareer account is needed.

If you already have a CalCareer account, enter your User I.D. and Password in the "CalCareer Sign In" box on the Logon page.

Step Three:  Before you can work for the state, you must take and pass the examination for the "Investigator" job classification.

You must search for open examinations by using the Search Exams and Job Vacancies on the State of California State Jobs page.  Once you have searched for the exam(s) you are looking for, you can view the Examination Bulletin by selecting the link under the Exams column.  Once you have selected on an exam bulletin you will see a table containing all exams available for that classification. Select on the Exam ID to view the Exam Bulletin.

The Examination Bulletin displays the salary range, minimum qualifications (MQs), and description of the job type. The description tells you in general what people in that classification do. 

The Examination Bulletin also tells you what kind of examination it is. Examinations can be in-person or online. If it is an in-person Examination, there will be information about how to schedule yourself to take the Examination on the Bulletin.  The Examination Bulletin will give you information about how to prepare for the Examination, including a link to the Classification Specification. Read the Classification Specification carefully for it is the legal job description providing an overview of the classification, typical tasks, and the minimum qualifications for the selected Classification.


You can only take an examination if you meet the minimum qualifications. For example, for some jobs you might need to have a college degree or four years of experience. This is spelled out in the examination bulletin.

Step Four:  Complete your California State Examination/Employment Application Form 678 (Rev. 10/2013) and the required Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire (Rev. 02/2012).

Once you have created a CalCareer Account as articulated in Step 2, you may complete a single job application to apply for many different jobs or you can also create and save three different job applications for each job or job type you apply for. This allows you to tailor your job applications to specific positions, increasing your competitiveness.

You can submit your applications online by searching for and viewing a Job Posting and selecting the "Apply for This Job button" on the right hand side of the page.  You may apply for any job posting that you meet the minimum qualifications for, have successfully passed an examination, and have an "Active" eligibility.  Receipt of an Employment Inquiry Letter for a vacancy is not required.

You must indicate the Location/Regional Office that you are applying for on the California State Examination/Employment Application Form 678 (Rev. 10/2013)

  Regional Office/(Location)
     Golden Gate (Benicia, CA)
     Central Valley (Fresno, CA)
     Inland Empire (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
     Orange (Orange, CA)
     Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
     San Diego, (San Diego, CA)
     Silicon Valley (Morgan Hill, CA)
     Southern Los Angeles County (Commerce, CA)
     Valencia (Valencia, CA)

Please follow the directions on the job posting to determine the required method of delivery (mail or electronic) for the completed standard State Application Template (STD 678), the Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire, and proof of meeting the minimum qualifications of the classification. 

Mail should be sent to:

Human Resources Management Division
Department of Insurance
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1300
Sacramento, CA 95814


Thank you for your interest in employment with the California Department of Insurance.  If you have any questions regarding positions with the Fraud Division please contact us at:


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