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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Mailing Lists FAQs

1. Does the list contain telephone numbers?
No, the lists do not include telephone numbers.

2. Does the list contain e-mail addresses?
Yes, insurance producers email addresses on file will be provided in a purchased list. Email addresses for insurers (insurance companies), however, are not available. 

3. What are acceptable forms of payment?
All requests must be paid for by a personal check, cashiers check or money order.

4. How will the request be delivered?
All data will be e-mailed to the e-mail address supplied on the order form after the payment process. Data will be available on a CD-ROM by special request only and mailed to the address listed on the order form. Express delivery may be used for the CD-ROM; however, a prepaid return express delivery envelope and label must be provided with the order form and method of payment.

5. What sales tax rate do I need to include in my payment?
For California Residents, sales tax is based on the percent rate charged in your local county. Those requests from out-of-state are not required to include sales tax.

6. What are the data/system requirements?
The data will be supplied via a zipped e-mail file. The format for all listings is an ASCII flat text file. There is no program associated with the file and it will not be formatted for the Requester's requirements. It is the Requester's responsibility to format the data for compatibility with their database. It is the responsibility of the Requester to meet the minimum system requirements to import the data into their database. Some of these listings are very large and require a significant amount of hard disk space. To avoid system problems, it is strongly recommended that the Requester verify the available disk space on their system before importing the data. This department cannot furnish technical support for non-departmental computer systems. Responsibility for technical support on the Requester's computer system lies solely with the Requester.

7. What data will be included?
The California Department of Insurance will not supply such data as phone numbers, social security numbers, residence addresses or personal use e-mail addresses. This information is classified as sensitive data and is not furnished on these listings. Information on these lists will include zip codes, city and state in addition to the individual/agency/qualification information requested. The entire listing must be ordered for each qualification selected, since the department is unable to supply these lists in part or extract a certain volume of data from these lists. It is the Requester's responsibility to extract, sort and format this information for the data's intended use. These extracts/sorts will not be performed by the CDI. A record layout will be e-mailed with each list for your review. Please review all record layouts that are furnished for each listing. The data that is contained on these lists is identified by the record layout. This is the only data that will be appearing on each listing. If the record layout does not reflect the data, the listing will not contain it.

8. How do I process my order?
The Order Form must be completed and sent to the address at the bottom of each order form. The price for each order is listed on the Price List. The CDI does not bill for this service and cannot accept credit cards. A check must be included with the completed order form in the amount of the entire order with the applicable sales tax included. Failure to comply with the payment requirements will delay the delivery process. Order Forms may be obtained from the e-mail address at the bottom of this page or downloaded on this website.

9. What is the coding that is on the order form?
Each Order Form has the necessary information to complete the form. The only acronym not defined is the "NAIC" heading noted on the Application Data Extract Form LIC DE 2. The acronym NAIC means "National Association of Insurance Commissioners."

10. What price will I pay for the list that has been generated?
Prices are set by the Department of Insurance and are subject to change.

We carry several lists. The two most common are the qualification lists and the appointment lists. Others can be found on our website.

An agent/agency license qualification list can be found on our website. Check the Price List to obtain the correct fee for the list. The price is set according to the number of agents/agencies in the list. The pricing ranges from an $75 minimum to greater than $4,000.

The company appointment list is $363 per NAIC number. This price will be the same regardless of the number of agents in the list. A count for each appointment listing will be furnished upon request. The total volume for a company appointment list may range from 1 to 15,000 names.

Each list is as current as the date and time they are produced. These are queried files and are updated daily. You can contact the list technician at the address on the bottom of this page if you need additional assistance with pricing. (CA residents must add sales tax.)

11. How Long before I receive my list.

Turn around time can be two to four weeks, but normally the lists are sent out much faster.

For additional listing information, e-mail your inquiry to the Producer Mailing List Technician at or leave a message on the voice mail box at (916) 492-3063 at the California Department of Insurance Producer Licensing Bureau.

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