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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Special Health Topics and Resources

Health Information Guides

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) has developed several guides for health insurance-related information for your use.

Consumer Protection From Surprise Medical Bills

Read about how California protects consumers from surprise medical bills when using in-network health facility and receive care from an out-of-network provider without their consent.

Dental Medical Loss Ratio

AB 1932 (Skinner -Chap. 567, Stats. of 2014) requires health plans and health insurers that issue, sell, renew, or offer specialized dental health insurance policies to file a report on their Medical Loss Ration (MLR). Please see this page for a posting of dental MLR reports filed with CDI.

Essential Health Benefits Hearing

The Affordable Care Act requires that most health policies and health plans sold in California include a minimum package of benefits. In June of 2012, the Insurance Commissioner held a public informational hearing to get feedback on what California's essential health benefit package should look like. This information helped the Commissioner make recommendations to the legislature as they determined what would become California's essential health benefit package. Visit this page to see a video of the hearing. In addition, you can download the hearing's written transcript and other materials that were used.

Provider Network Adequacy

When you buy a health insurance policy, it is the insurer's responsibility to make sure that you have reasonable access to a sufficient number of providers and hospitals. These providers and hospitals are also known as your network. Visit our Provider Network Adequacy page for more information and to stay up to date on the most recent changes. Visit our Provider Network Adequacy web pages for more information.

Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder

CDI works hard to make sure that children with autism have the health benefits available to them under the law. See what CDI has done to ensure coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Insurance Fraud

CDI takes insurance fraud seriously. CDI's Insurance fraud division is tasked with protecting the public from economic loss and distress by actively investigating and arresting those who commit insurance fraud with a goal of reducing the overall incidence of insurance fraud through anti-fraud outreach to the public, private, and governmental sectors.

For more information view our Insurance Fraud is a Felony guide.

Prescription Drug Premium Impact Reports

CDI prepares an annual report regarding the impact of prescription drug costs on health insurance premiums. This report is prepared pursuant to Insurance Code §10123.205 (Senate Bill 17, 2017). 

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