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CA Department of Insurance

Rental Car Agent Licensing Information

Assembly Bill 62
(Statutes of 1999, Chapter 618)

Assembly Bill 62 creates a rental car agent license and authorizes the California Department of Insurance to issue a license to a rental car company and its franchisee.

What Kinds of Insurance May a Rental Car Agent Sell?

Accident (Accidental Death or Dismemberment and Medical)
Personal accident insurance for renters and other rental vehicle occupants, for accidental death or dismemberment, and for medical expenses resulting from an accident that occurs with the rental vehicle during the rental period.

Liability Including Uninsured Motorist
Liability insurance, which may include uninsured motorist coverage, whether offered separately or in combination with other liability insurance, that provides coverage to the renters and to other authorized drivers of a rental vehicle and is nonduplicative of any standard liability coverage or self-insurance limits provided by the rental company in its rental agreement, for liability arising from the negligent operation of the rental vehicle during the rental period.

Personal Effects Coverage
Personal effects insurance that provides coverage to renters and other vehicle occupants for loss of, or damage to, personal effects in the rental vehicle during the rental period.

Roadside Assistance

Emergency Sickness

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