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CA Department of Insurance

Checklist of Application Filing Requirements

Materials Links Do I have this Completed?
Written Application Organization - Form 441-11*
Individual - Form 441-9*

*Note:  The Notice of Appointment on this form cannot be used for the Rental Car Agent License.  Please use Rental Car Agent Appointment Form RCA 3.
Insurer Certification


Initial Certification of Authorized Employees RCA 1  
Training Material The training for the rental car licensee and the endorsee must cover the areas described in form RCA 4.  These materials must accompany the application when filing for the rental car license.* Form RCA 4 also describes the training required for the endorsee. 

*If the training materials have been developed by an insurer and approved by the California Department of Insurance, the applicant is not required to re-submit the training material.  The applicant may submit a letter signed by both an authorized representative of the insurer and by the applicant (or officer of entity) that states the applicant will use the approved training materials as filed by the insurer.
Application Filing Fee $463.00  
Where to File: California Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 1139
Sacramento, CA 95812-1139

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