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Automobile Complaint Composite Report

50 Large Automobile Insurers Licensed to Conduct Business in California

Ratio for Complaint Years 2017, 2016, and 2015

The Automobile Complaint Composite report is also available in a one page printable PDF format. If you do not have an Acrobat Reader, visit our Free Document Readers page.

'17 RankCompany Name2017 Approx. Exposure CountJustified Complaint RatioNumber of Justified Complaints
1Amco Ins Co293,3590.32.42.4177
2California Capital Ins Co72,2671.42.71.4121
3United Serv Automobile Assn422,7671.42.44.061017
4Mid Century Ins Co545,6801.61.33.39823
5USAA Cas Ins Co482,1781.73.05.581425
6Interins Exch Of The Automobile Club2,365,9851.81.91.8424337
7Viking Ins Co Of WI258,6521.95.76.051312
8Government Employees Ins Co397,2642.01.46.08521
921st Century Ins Co589,7812.04.94.6123230
10State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co3,773,4782.03.15.477119204
11Geico Gen Ins Co1,522,0952.13.37.7324492
12California Cas Ind Exch141,7812.12.96.0348
13Allied Prop & Cas Ins Co134,4522.21.51.5322
14Mercury Ins Co1,551,6112.42.72.8384244
15Geico Ind Co601,2672.51.77.815937
16Amica Mut Ins Co73,7852.74.22.9232
17Farmers Ins Exch1,352,8552.92.43.3393240
18Safeco Ins Co Of Amer368,8333.06.18.3112128
19Allstate Northbrook Ind Co1,997,2143.12.52.2615038
20CSAA Ins Exch1,976,5573.22.93.5645563
21Esurance Prop & Cas Ins Co276,1973.35.36.191416
22Progressive Direct Ins Co121,7833.35.61.7472
23California Automobile Ins Co300,4263.34.13.9101313
24Wawanesa Gen Ins Co506,0864.14.63.5212317
25Garrison Prop & Cas Ins Co140,2954.32.51.0631
26Financial Ind Co160,5184.47.48.171010
27Coast Natl Ins Co224,7804.45.28.2101530
28Progressive West Ins Co329,5884.65.74.3151916
29USAA Gen Ind Co206,2824.85.63.310105
30Geico Cas Co238,0385.06.313.1121320
31Trumbull Ins Co71,5075.63.91.5431
32Infinity Ins Co819,4705.68.49.2467686
33Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer143,6886.36.812.49915
34IDS Prop Cas Ins Co438,2496.89.27.6303931
35Kemper Independence Ins Co72,7246.90.05.2503
36Farmers Specialty Ins Co116,9967.77.22.49102
37Travelers Commercial Ins Co177,1577.93.216.91421
38Loya Cas Ins Co210,3878.611.515.4182838
39Commerce W Ins Co91,8578.79.510.58810
40United Financial Cas Co435,7408.72.95.0381219
41Metropolitan Drt Prop & Cas Ins Co144,5079.09.26.8131410
42Alliance United Ins Co949,5569.216.915.987156123
43Liberty Mut Fire Ins Co392,7509.714.57.4385528
44Hartford Underwriters Ins Co196,04811.26.512.6221428
45Integon Natl Ins Co209,17712.022.026.5253430
46Progressive Select Ins Co211,93612.35.69.1261015
47Permanent Gen Assur Corp66,90816.416.020.311911
48Anchor Gen Ins Co104,93621.921.828.8232837
49Western Gen Ins Co86,86440.357.886.4354141
50Access Ins Co390,785117.778.127.146026388

Note: Complaint Ratio is based on the number of Justified Complaints to 100,000 Earned Exposures.
Exposures include motorcycles and motor homes.

Other Complaint Composite Reports:

If the company does not appear on the composite report, please do the following:

  1. Go to Company Profile.
  2. Type in the company's name in the field provided and select "Get Company".
  3. Select the company that you want information on. This will take you to the company's profile.
  4. On the left hand column under "Consumer Complaint," please select "Company Performance & Comparison Data".
  5. The next web page will display the company's performance and comparison data.

If you have any questions regarding this web page or composite report, please contact the Department's Statistical Analysis Division.

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