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Commissioner Appointments

The Insurance Commissioner makes appointments to several advisory boards and committees, many of which are required by statute. Appointments are for a specified term. Some positions require specific expertise or experience for consideration.

The following information provides an overview of each board as well as current vacancies. All applicants must complete and submit an Application for Appointment. Completed applications, along with a resume, must be emailed to the Boards Officer at

For inquiries, please contact: Amanda Bastidas, Boards Officer, Commissioner's Boards and Committees at (916) 492-3335 or

About the Boards and Committees

California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP) Advisory Committee
California Earthquake Authority (CEA) Advisory Panel 
California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) Board of Governors - 1 Vacancy New May 2013
California Life & Health Insurance Guarantee Association (CLHIGA)
California Organized Investment Network (COIN) Advisory Board - Notice of Meeting New May 2013
California Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) 
Curriculum Board 
Insurance Diversity Task Force 

California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP) Advisory Committee

Pursuant to California Insurance Code (CIC) §11623, the 15-member Advisory Committee provides policy advice to the Commissioner on matters affecting the operation of the plan. The plan was created to provide auto insurance for motorists unable to obtain coverage in the private market due to their driving records or other extraordinary circumstances. In 1999, the legislature created the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance program to provide affordable liability insurance to low-income good drivers, a program also administered within the plan. The plan assigns drivers to private insurers based upon the companies' share of the auto insurance market.

Eight members representing subscribing insurers are elected annually by such insurers. The Commissioner appoints the non-insurer members for a one year term. Four members represent the public, two members represent producers and the remaining member is the Commissioner or his designee. The Advisory Committee meets approximately six times each year. Public and producer members are paid $250 per meeting by CAARP and are reimbursed for all reasonable expenses incurred.

Duties of the public and producer members include advising the Commissioner on rate-making, assignment procedures, appeals and anti-fraud activities.

Vacancies: None

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California Earthquake Authority (CEA) Advisory Panel

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) was established pursuant to AB 13 (McDonald). The CEA is a privately financed, publicly managed agency that will provide earthquake insurance for California homeowners, condominium owners, mobile homeowners, and renters. The CEA Advisory Panel will advise the Governing Board of the CEA on the new policies that will be offered by the Authority, rates California homeowners will pay and operations of the new Authority. Members of the Advisory Panel are appointed by the Governor, the Commissioner, the Speaker of the Assembly, and the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee for a term of four years. Of the twelve members on the Panel, the Commissioner appoints two members representing insurance carriers and one licensed insurance agent. Board members are reimbursed for expenses.

Vacancies: None 

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California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) Board of Governors

The Association comprises all insurance companies licensed in specified lines of insurance in California. It acts as a guarantor of the insurance liabilities of insurance companies which issue policies to California residents. Should an insurer become insolvent, the association takes over the insurance obligations of the insurer in order to protect its policyholders from loss. Pursuant to CIC §1063(b), the Association shall be managed by a board of governors, composed of nine member insurers, each shall be appointed by the Commissioner to serve three-year terms. At least five board members shall be domestic insurers, at least three shall be stock insurers, and at least three shall be nonstock insurers. AB 2007 (Calderon) provides that effective January 1, 2003, the Commissioner is to appoint two additional members to the Board. One is to represent labor and one represents business. The Board meets quarterly. Members may be reimbursed by CIGA for expenses related to attendance at meetings.

Vacancy: 1 New May 2013

  1. Property & Casualty Insurer Representative: a chief actuary, senior claims officer, or a senior claims attorney with experience in claim defense operations is desirable.
  • Length of appointment: 3 years
  • Deadline for application (extended): February 12, 2016
  • This board meets: 4 times per year
  • Next board meeting: February 2016
  • FPPC Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest Filing: Yes (per Conflict of Interest Code of the CIGA)

To apply: Please complete an Application for Appointment here.

Qualified applicants that reflect the diversity of the State of California, including women and minorities, are strongly encouraged to apply.

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California Life & Health Insurance Guarantee Association (CLHIGA) Board of Directors

The association consists of all insurance companies licensed to sell life and health insurance, and annuities in California. It was created to protect certain policyholders, up to certain limits, against financial failure of an insurance company licensed to sell those types of policies in this state. Should this happen, the association will assess its other member insurance companies for funds to pay the claims of insured persons who live in this state and, in some cases, to keep coverage in force.

Pursuant to CIC §1067.06, the Board of Directors are elected by member insurers subject to approval of the Commissioner. The board meets quarterly and members serve three-year terms. Members may be reimbursed for expenses related to attendance at meetings, but are not otherwise compensated for their services.

Vacancies: None

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California Organized Investment Network (COIN) Advisory Board

The California Organized Investment Network (COIN) was established in 1996 as a collaborative effort between the insurance industry, the Commissioner of Insurance, the Legislature, and advocates for investment in low income communities. COIN's mission is to match entrepreneurs, non-profit groups and local governments, either directly or through intermediaries, in low income and rural communities with insurance industry investment capital. For more information, visit the COIN webpage.

The COIN Advisory Board advises the Department on best methods and practices in regard to: increasing the level of insurance industry capital in safe and sound investments while providing fair returns to investors and social benefits to underserved communities; facilitating networking among executives in the insurance industry and community organizations seeking investments; and recommending programmatic guidelines to the COIN program. The Advisory Board members are appointed by the Commissioner for two year terms. The Advisory Board meets three times per year. Members may be reimbursed for expenses related to attendance at meetings, but are not otherwise compensated for their services.

Notice of Meeting: March 3, 2016

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California Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) Governing Committee

All workers' compensation insurance companies in California are required by law to be members of the bureau. A private organization licensed by the Department of Insurance for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and compiling rating data, funding comes from assessments of the insurer members. Pursuant to CIC §11751.3, the Commissioner, after consultation with the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, other statewide organized labor organizations, and statewide associations representing business, shall appoint two public members representing insured employers and two public members representing organized labor to serve on the Governing Committee. The board meets quarterly or more often as necessary, sets policy, oversees management of the affairs of the WCIRB, and oversees all issues involving pure premium rates, classifications, rating plans, rating systems, manual rules and policy, and endorsement forms. Public members may be reimbursed by the WCIRB for expenses related to attendance at meetings.

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Curriculum Board

Important Note: Persons appointed to the Curriculum Board are required by law to file a FPPC Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests annually and complete an online Ethics Training Course every odd year.

Pursuant to CIC §1749.1, the board oversees the development of prelicensing and continuing education curriculum for agents and brokers, including a list of preapproved courses of study and courses of study for professional designations. The board also develops standards for providers and instructors of prelicensing and continuing education courses, programs and seminars. The Commissioner appoints board members which consist of representatives of insurance agents, brokers, and life agents trade associations and representatives of insurance companies and consumer groups. Members serve three year terms. The board meets three times per year.

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Insurance Diversity Task Force

The Insurance Diversity Task Force considers and makes recommendations about diversity in the insurance industry. Specifically, the mission of the Task Force is to:

  • Identify and promote insurance companies that are actively engaged in diversity issues;
  • Explore the status of diverse representation on insurance company governing boards;
  • Identify actions that the Department of Insurance can take to encourage insurance companies to increase procurement with diverse suppliers; and
  • Provide recommendations in regards to current legislation and suggest changes to existing law.

The Commissioner appoints Task Force members to serve two-year terms. Staggered terms shall be established by drawing lots at the first Task Force meeting so that a simple majority of the members shall initially serve a two-year term, and the remainder initially a one-year term. The Insurance Diversity Task Force meets quarterly. For more information about the Insurance Diversity Initiative, visit the Insurance Diversity webpage.

Vacancies: None

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