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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Community Relations and Outreach Branch

The Community Relations and Outreach Branch (CROB) is dedicated to consumer outreach and education, working with our partners in federal, state, and local elected district offices. Together, we expand CDI’s efforts to assist wildfire survivors, local governments, small businesses, community service organizations, neighborhood associations, and consumers in accessing the Department’s services, including educating consumers through the development and distribution of insurance informational guides, in print and online.

The Outreach team hosts individual meetings with local elected district offices and presentations at town halls, briefings, roundtables, Senior Scam Stoppers, exhibits and other events, such as distracted driver clinics or cannabis forums.

Wildfire survivors, dealing with ongoing insurance claims issues with their agents or insurer claims adjusters, are assisted through workshops held in their local areas in conjunction with the Consumer Services Division. In addition to CDI’s hotline, 1-800-927-4357, we provide guides to help consumers understand insurance coverages and terms, prepare them for the process of making and settling a claim and help them avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur along the way.


The Ombudsman is part of the Community Relations and Outreach Branch and its primary function is to ensure the Department provides the highest level of customer service to our consumers, insurers, agents, brokers, and public officials.


California Low Cost Automobile Insurance

Part of our outreach includes informing consumers about the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, designed to provide income-eligible, good drivers with liability insurance protection at affordable rates, as a way to meet California's mandatory auto insurance law. Information is shared at all outreach events and constituents can check if they qualify and locate certified agents in their local areas through the website: or by calling 1-866-602-8861.

Senior Gateway

Additionally, the Community Relations and Outreach Branch hosts the Senior Gateway, an inter-agency website designed to provide meaningful resources and information to seniors and their families to inform them about health care and insurance options, and empower them to protect themselves against financial fraud, abuse, and neglect.

2023 CROB Year-End Report

Following is the 2023 Community Relations and Outreach Year-End Report. If you have questions or need assistance reading the report below, feel free to contact us at (800) 927-4357 or email at

The image displays the 2023 CROB Year -End Report. CROB attended 968 events and reached 73,272 consumers with our outreach efforts. These events include meetings, resource booths, town halls and presentations.


2022 CROB Year-End Report


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