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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Commercially Domiciled Report


Annual Financial Statement As of

Type of Business


Life/Health and Property & Casualty

Note: The report is in PDF Adobe Acrobat format.

Below is the formula to calculate whether a foreign company is commercially domiciled (CIC §1215.14(a)):



[1]  Total three (3) preceding years* (California DPW)
[2]  Total three (3) preceding years* (State of Domicile DPW)
[3]  Total three (3) preceding years* (U.S. DPW)


Commercially Domiciled: If ([1] > [2]) and ([1] >= [3]*33%)


Note: DPW - Direct Premiums Written; ">" - greater than; ">=" - greater than or equal
         "*" - Or Total of lesser period in which the company is licensing in California

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