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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Residential Property Insurance Report

The Residential Property Insurance Report provides summary information on residential property insurance covering fire and earthquake perils. Summary information related to structures of 5 residential units or more are excluded as well as condominium structures that are normally insured through an association. Only the interior of a condominium unit is reported here represented by an HO-6 or equivalent type policy. Also, residential structures of 5 or more units are written under a commercial policy.

The Data Analytics and Reporting Division collects residential property insurance data every two years in two parts:

  • Part I collects total written premiums and exposures for each policy form stratified by the amount of insurance coverage available.
  • Part II collects policy level data, including coverage amounts, wildfire risk, and losses by ZIP code.

The reports cover the experience submitted by insurance companies that write Dwelling Fire (Owner-Occupied and Tenant-Occupied), Homeowners Multi-Peril, Mobile Homes, Renters and Condominium Unit Owners type policies.

The four reports available on this Web page are:

  1. Part I Premium and Exposure Summary Data
  2. Part II ZIP Code Level Experience Data
  3. Fire and Earthquake Policy Counts by County
  4. Residential Fire/Smoke Claims and Losses by County

Visit our page with further Data Analysis on Wildfires and Insurance  

A. Part I Premium and Exposure Summary Data

The report linked below contains data on Written Premiums, Written Exposures, and Average Written Premiums from 2008 to 2021.

There are two worksheets with tables that can be manipulated with filters. The first worksheet filters the data by policy type, year, and range of insurance. The second worksheet filters the data by policy type and year (all ranges of insurance summed together).

Please note that any increase/decrease in premiums/exposures can be attributed to a number of factors. For the purpose of this report, no assumptions are made as to why these trends have occurred.

The links below lead to the archived version of this report with written premium, exposure, and average premium data for each policy type between 2001-2017.

B. Part II ZIP Code Level Experience Data

The link below takes you to the webpage that includes average coverage amounts for Coverage A (main structure) and Coverage C (personal property), earned premiums, earned exposures segmented by wildfire risk, and fire/smoke related claims and losses. The report is produced pursuant to California Insurance Code Section 929. Includes both statewide and ZIP code level data for each policy form. The current report covers 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

C. Fire and Earthquake Policy Counts by County

The reports linked below summarizes the number of Fire and Earthquake policies per county. It also shows the percentage of Earthquake policies to Fire policies.

D. Residential Fire/Smoke Claims and Losses by County

The report linked below summarizes the total number of residential fire/smoke related claims and losses that occurred in each California county between 2018 and 2021. The totals include all Coverage A and Coverage C related losses related to both smoke and fire. More detailed breakdowns can be found in the Part II Data Summary.

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Questions regarding residential property coverage should be directed to the consumer hotline (800) 927-HELP or visit the Consumer Services Division Help page.

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