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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Legal Information

Bulletins and Notices

The Department of Insurance periodically issues bulletins, notices and opinions which clarify the department's official interpretation of certain issues or laws. New bulletins, notices and opinions are posted frequently.

Insurance Privacy Information

California Insurance Code Sections 791 - 791.27, the Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act (IIPPA), provide protections for one's personally identifiable information, which is generally provided to an agent, broker or insurance company in order to apply for insurance or submit a claim.

Precedential Decisions of the Commissioner

Courts are generally expected to be even-handed, and the decisions that a court makes should generally be consistent over time. Therefore, earlier decisions of a court set "precedents" that the court may be expected to follow in future cases. State administrative agencies, including the California Department of Insurance, hold hearings and issue decisions that are somewhat analogous to civil court decisions. However, there are special rules for when administrative decisions can be relied on as precedents.

Proposition 103 Consumer Intervenor Process

Proposition 103 was adopted by California voters on November 8, 1988. This page provides general information about the proposition and the consumer intervenor process.

Auto Body Repair Labor Rate Survey Regulations

This page provides the public and insurers with information on the recently adopted Auto Body Repair Labor Rate Survey regulations.

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