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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Required Disclosures to Purchaser

Pursuant to Section 1758.66(b) of the California Insurance Code, the portable electronics insurance agent or its endorsees must make all of the following disclosures, which shall be acknowledged in writing by the purchaser, or displayed by clear and conspicuous signs that are posted at every location where contracts are executed, such as the counter where the purchaser signs the service agreement, or provided in writing to the purchaser:

  • Purchase of insurance is not required to purchase portable electronics, accessories, or related services.
  • Portable Electronics insurance may be duplicative of other insurance maintained by purchaser.
  • Endorsees are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of the existing insurance.
  • Customer may cancel the insurance at any time and any unearned premiums will be refunded.


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