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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Portable Electronics Insurance Agent

What Kinds of Insurance May a Portable Electronics Insurance Agent Sell?

"Portable electronics" means all of the following: personal, self-contained, easily carried by an individual, battery-operated electronic communication, viewing, listening, recording, gaming, computing, or global positioning devices, including cell or satellite phones, pagers, personal global positioning satellite units, portable computers, portable audio listening, video viewing or recording devices, digital cameras, video camcorders, portable gaming systems, docking stations, automatic answering devices, their accessories, and service related to the use of those devices. (Section 1758.69 (d)(1)(A) of the California Insurance Code (CIC)) Portable electronics also includes any other electronic device that is portable in nature that the Commissioner approves. (Section 1758.69(d)(1)(B))

"Portable electronics" does not include telecommunications switching equipment, transmission wires, cell site transceiver equipment, or other equipment and systems used by telecommunications companies to provide telecommunications service to consumers. 

"Portable electronics insurance" means a contract providing coverage for the repair or replacement of portable electronics against any one or more of the following causes of loss: loss, theft, mechanical failure, malfunction, damage, or other applicable perils. (Section 1758.69 (e)(1) of the CIC)

Reference: Sections 1758.6-1758.693 of the CIC



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