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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

California FAIR Plan

FAIR Plan is a critical insurance option for California residents and businesses


Established more than 50 years ago to provide insurance options for Californians, the FAIR Plan’s mission is to protect consumers. The Department of Insurance, led by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, exercises oversight under California law to make sure the FAIR Plan addresses the changing needs of Californians. 

“I am using my oversight to make sure all Californians have options for coverage that meet their needs. While the FAIR Plan has a long history of protecting consumers it must continue to respond to climate change and future threats.” – Commissioner Lara

While created by the Governor and Legislature, the FAIR Plan is a private association whose day-to-day operations are controlled by insurance companies, not taxpayers.

The FAIR Plan is available to California residents and businesses in urban and rural areas who cannot obtain insurance through a regular insurance company. As of 2020, the FAIR Plan covers less than 3% of residents, meaning more than 97% of Californians have a competitive option for insurance. 

Commissioner Lara has taken action to increase coverage options for consumers and convened an investigatory hearing about the FAIR Plan on July 13, 2022. The goal of the hearing was to hear from the public and guide additional actions needed for the FAIR Plan to meet the needs of California consumers far into the future. As part of the investigatory hearing, the Department presented actions the FAIR Plan must take to protect Californians.


How do I get coverage from the FAIR Plan?


First, we recommend you shop the market. Please see our Top Ten Tips for Finding Residential Insurance

If after shopping the market you are still having difficulty obtaining residential or commercial insurance, you may apply for coverage under the FAIR Plan through an agent or broker licensed to sell property insurance, or you may contact the FAIR Plan directly at 800-339-4099. However, we recommend you contact a licensed insurance broker that is registered to sell FAIR Plan coverage. FAIR Plan’s website has a Broker Finder tool that can assist you in finding a broker in your area:

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