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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Virtual Viewing Room

We are required to make certain documents available for public viewing. The following documents are available to view online.

Property and Casualty Insurance Company Rates and Rating Plans

You have an opportunity to review property and casualty insurance company rates and rating plans conducted by the Rate Regulation Branch.

The Department also receives filings submitted by Advisory Organizations that can only be viewed in person at the Department's two Public Viewing Rooms in Oakland and Los Angeles. An appointment is needed prior to visiting an office

Health Insurance Company Rates

The law requires health insurers to notify both policyholders and us when they propose to change their rates. When an insurance company files its rates with us, our experts known as actuaries review the filing to make sure any proposed rate increase is justified. The Commissioner has the authority to review rates for reasonableness, but cannot approve or deny rate increases.

You have an opportunity to review the health rate filings and also provide comments for consideration by Department staff as they review filings for compliance with legal requirements and actuarial standards.

Enforcement Actions

Find initiating and concluding pleadings and documents for enforcement actions that we take against our licensees including insurance companies, agents and brokers.

Market Conduct Examination Reports

The Department conducts examinations of licensed insurance companies' claim handling, rating and underwriting practices to evaluate compliance with insurance laws and regulations. You have an opportunity to review the published examination reports.

Proposition 103 - Prior Approval Rate Hearing Case Files

The Prior Approval Rate Hearing Case Files search utility is currently under maintenance.

The Insurance Commissioner must approve certain insurance rates before they are used. Sometimes, a Prior Approval Rate Hearing is held to decide if a rate should be approved. The Administrative Hearing Bureau conducts the prior approval rate hearing and maintains the case files.

In lieu of posting these documents in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Viewing Rooms, the case files are now available on-line. You may find, view and download pleadings, exhibits, testimony, hearing transcripts, rulings, orders, and final decisions in all Proposition 103 - Prior Approval Rate Hearings conducted at the Department's Administrative Hearing Bureau.

Insurance Company Financial Filing Requirements and Instructions

View and download insurance company financial filing notices and forms.

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