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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

California Code of Regulations

California Code of Regulations

With few exceptions the California Department of Insurance does not generally post its official regulations on this website. However all official California regulations, including those promulgated by the Department of Insurance, are available for free on the official California Code of Regulations Website. When using the official regulations website to access regulations promulgated by the Department of Insurance, it can be helpful to remember that all Department of Insurance regulations are located under "Title 10."

To search for insurance related regulations, go to the online California Code of Regulations. Search options are listed in the middle of the page and to the left. Methods to search include:

  • Search for a Specific Regulatory Section - enter the title and section number for the regulations you are looking for. Insurance information is found in Title 10.
  • Search for Words - enter your keywords and select the Search button.
  • List of CCR Titles - Select "Title 10. Investment" for insurance regulations.
  • Agency List for CCR - Scroll down to locate and select "Insurance, Department of." Then select the Chapter and article you wish to view.

Frequently viewed insurance regulations:

Rule Making Process

Justified Complaint Regulations

Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations

Public Participation Program

Guidance for Health Legislation

Broker Fee Regulations

Privacy of Non-Public Personal Information

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