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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

List of Approved Surplus Line Insurers (LASLI)

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List is current as of: March 11, 2024

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Insurer Date
Acceptance Casualty Insurance Company (Nebraska) 10/23/2007
Accident Fund General Insurance Company (Michigan) 11/19/2020
Admiral Insurance Company (Delaware) 06/30/1995
Adriatic Insurance Company (North Dakota) 06/30/1995
AIG Specialty Insurance Company (Illinois)
(Name changed from Chartis Specialty Insurance Company effective 10/01/2013)
AIX Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware) 06/05/2009
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (Germany)
(Name Changed from Allianz Global Corporate Specialty AG effective 11/13/2013)
Allied World National Assurance Company (New Hampshire)
(Name changed from Newmarket Underwriters Insurance Company effective 10/03/2007)

Allied World Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Arkansas)
(Name changed from Darwin Select Insurance Company effective 06/03/2014)
(Name changed from ULICO Indemnity Company Effective 05/13/2010)

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange (Indiana) 04/18/2023
American Western Home Insurance Company (Oklahoma) 09/01/1995
Arch Insurance (UK) Limited (U.K.)
(Name changed from Arch Insurance Company (Europe) Limited effective 03/18/2019)
Arch Specialty Insurance Company (Missouri)
(Name changed from Rock River Insurance Company effective 08/01/2002)
(Domicile changed from Nebraska to Missouri effective 09/30/2014)
Aspen Insurance UK Limited (U.K.) 12/29/2004
Aspen Specialty Insurance Company (North Dakota)
(Name changed from Dakota Specialty Insurance Company, effective 10/22/2003)
Associated Industries Insurance Company, Inc. (Florida) 01/11/2012
Atain Specialty Insurance Company (Michigan)
(Name changed from USF Insurance Company effective 08/25/2011)
(Domicile changed from Pennsylvania to Michigan effective 12/31/2007)
Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company (North Carolina) 07/16/2009
AXIS Specialty Europe SE (Ireland)
(Name changed from AXIS Specialty Europe Public Limited Company effective 09/10/2012. Name changed from AXIS Specialty Europe Limited effective 04/26/2012)
AXIS Surplus Insurance Company(Illinois)
(Name changed from Sheffield Insurance Corporation effective 06/09/2003)
AZGUARD Insurance Company (Nebraska) 08/26/2021

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B - D

Insurer Date
Berkley Assurance Company (Iowa) 07/20/2011

Berkley Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from Berkley Regional Specialty Insurance Company effective 07/01/2018

Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Limited (UK) 04/01/2008
Bridgeway Insurance Company (Delaware) 07/01/2021
The Burlington Insurance Company (Illinois)
(Domicile changed from North Carolina to Illinois, effective 12/31/2015)
Canopius US Insurance, Inc. (Delaware)
(Name changed from Omega US Insurance, Inc. effective 08/20/2012)
Capitol Specialty Insurance Corporation (Wisconsin) 05/15/2008
Century Surety Company (Ohio) 09/01/1995
Chubb Custom Insurance Company (New Jersey)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to New Jersey, effective 04/01/2013)

Chubb European Group SE (France)
(Domicile changed from U.K. to France effective 01/01/2019)
(Name changed from Chubb European Group Limited effective July 19, 2018)
(Name changed from ACE European Group Limited effective May 2, 2017)

The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company (Delaware) 01/31/2011

Clear Blue Specialty Insurance Company (Texas) 
(Domicile changed from North Carolina to Texas effective December 20, 2022)

Colony Insurance Company (Virginia) 09/01/1995
Columbia Casualty Company (Illinois) 07/06/1995
Coverys Specialty Insurance Company (New Jersey) 07/10/2017
Covington Specialty Insurance Company (New Hampshire) 07/20/2011

Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from Transnational Insurance Company effective 12/26/2000)

(Domicile changed from Arizona to Delaware effective 11/21/2014)

CUMIS Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. (Iowa) 05/15/2008

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E - G

Insurer Date
Empire Indemnity Insurance Company (Oklahoma) 12/01/1995
Endurance American Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from Traders & Pacific Insurance Company effective 06/08/2006)
Energy Insurance Mutual Limited (Barbados) 12/17/1997
Evanston Insurance Company (Illinois) 08/11/1995
Everest Indemnity Insurance Company (Delaware) 08/14/1998
Everspan Indemnity Insurance Company (Arizona) 05/20/2024
Executive Risk Specialty Insurance Company (Connecticut) 09/01/1995
Fair American Select Insurance Company (Delaware) 07/28/2014
First Mercury Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Domicile changed from Illinois to Delaware, effective 10/28/2015)
Gemini Insurance Company (Delaware) 02/23/1998
General Security Indemnity Company of Arizona (Arizona)
(Name changed from Fulcrum Insurance Company effective 05/03/2002)
General Star Indemnity Company (Delaware)
(Domicile changed from Connecticut to Delaware, effective 12/31/2012)
Gotham Insurance Company (New York) 08/04/1995
Great American E&S Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from Agricultural Excess and Surplus Insurance Company, effective 07/27/2000)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Ohio effective 02/18/2020)
Great American Fidelity Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from American Dynasty Surplus Lines Insurance Company, effective 06/27/2001)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Ohio effective 02/18/2020)

Great American Risk Solutions Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Ohio)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Ohio effective 02/18/2020)
(Name changed from American Empire Surplus Lines Insurance Company effective 07/17/2023)


Great Lakes Insurance SE (Germany)
(Domicile changed from UK to Germany and name changed from Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE effective December 30, 2016
(Name changed from Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC (U.K.) effective 07/28/2015)

GuideOne National Insurance Company (Iowa) 12/07/2015
Gulf Underwriters Insurance Company (Connecticut)
(Domicile changed from Missouri to Connecticut, effective 10/01/2001)

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H - L

Insurer Date
Hamilton Insurance DAC (Ireland)    
(Name changed from Ironshore Europe DAC
(Ireland) effective 09/16/2019)  



Harleysville Insurance Company of New York (Ohio) 01/10/2023

HDI Global Specialty SE (Germany)
(Name changed from International Insurance Company of Hannover SE effective 01/02/2019)
(Name changed from International Insurance Company of Hannover PLC effective 07/15/2014)
(Name changed from International Insurance Company of Hannover Ltd effective 08/07/2013)
(Domicile changed from United Kingdom to Germany effective 01/05/2015)

HDI Specialty Insurance Company (Illinois) 04/23/2018
Health Care Indemnity, Inc. (Colorado) 03/21/2001
Hilltop Specialty Insurance Company (New York)        
(Name changed from Hudson Specialty Insurance Company effective 10/26/2020)
Homeland Insurance Company of New York (New York)  09/24/2003
Homesite Insurance Company (Wisconsin) 09/06/2023
Houston Casualty Company (Texas) 09/01/1995
Houston Specialty Insurance Company (Texas)
(Name changed from Naxos Insurance Company effective 12/30/10)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Texas effective 12/30/2011)
HSB Specialty Insurance Company (Connecticut) 09/26/2013
Hudson Excess Insurance Company (Delaware) 07/10/2017
Illinois Union Insurance Company (Illinois) 12/22/1995
Indian Harbor Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Domicile changed from North Dakota to Delaware effective 07/01/2013)
Interstate Fire & Casualty Company (Illinois) 10/20/1995
Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company (Arizona) 10/02/2008
James River Insurance Company (Ohio)
(Name changed from Fidelity Excess and Surplus Insurance Company effective 07/07/03)
Lancashire Insurance Company (UK) Limited (U.K.) 11/17/2010
Landmark American Insurance Company (New Hampshire)
(Domicile changed from Oklahoma to New Hampshire effective October 28, 2016
Lexington Insurance Company (Delaware) 07/28/1995

Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE (Luxembourg)
(Domicile changed from U.K. to Luxembourg and name changed from Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited effective 03/01/2019)
(Name changed from Liberty Mutual Insurance (U.K.) Limited effective 10/21/2003)


Liberty Specialty Markets Bermuda Limited (Bermuda)
(Name changed from Ironshore Insurance Ltd. effective 11/15/2018)

Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation (New Hampshire) 12/18/1997

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M - P

Insurer Date
The Marine Insurance Company Limited (UK) 11/03/1995
Markel International Insurance Company Limited (U.K.)
(Name changed from Terra Nova Insurance Company Limited, effective 11/04/2002)
Maxum Indemnity Company (Connecticut)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Connecticut effective December 1, 2016)
(Name changed from Caliber One Indemnity Company, effective 01/02/2003)
Medical Security Insurance Company (North Carolina) 12/18/2023
Mercer Insurance Company (Pennsylvania) 06/10/2016
Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company (New Jersey)
(Name changed from Montpelier U.S. Insurance Company, effective 01/01/2012.)
(Domicile changed from Oklahoma to New Jersey, effective 01/01/2012)
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company (Europe) Limited (U.K.) 06/10/2011
Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company (Pennsylvania) 04/02/1997

MS Transverse Specialty Insurance Company (Texas)

(Name changed from Transverse Specialty Insurance Company (Texas) effective 01/18/2024)

MSIG Specialty Insurance USA Inc. (New York) 10/11/2019
Mt. Hawley Insurance Company (Illinois)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Kansas, effective 12/20/95. Domicile changed from Kansas to Illinois effective 4/21/1999)

NORCAL Specialty Insurance Company (Texas)
(Domicile changed from Pennsylvania to Texas effective 04/25/2018)
(Name changed from PMSLIC Insurance Company, effective 12/01/2015)

National Fire & Marine Insurance Company (Nebraska) 06/30/1995
Nautilus Insurance Company (Arizona) 08/04/1995
Navigators Specialty Insurance Company (New York)
(Name changed from NIC Insurance Company effective 01/04/2007)
Northfield Insurance Company (Iowa)
(Domicile changed from Missouri to Iowa, effective 1/01/2002)
North Light Specialty Insurance Company (Illinois) 10/10/2014
Nutmeg Insurance Company (Connecticut) 06/30/1995
Old Republic Union Insurance Company (Illinois) 05/24/2017
Pacific Insurance Company, Limited (Connecticut) 09/01/1995

Peleus Insurance Company (Virginia)
(Name changed from Colony National Insurance Company effective 3/4/2015)

Penn-Star Insurance Company (Pennsylvania) 11/13/2002
Prime Insurance Company (Illinois) 08/08/2018
Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Delaware) 02/09/2006
ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company (Vermont)
(Name changed from Noetic Specialty Insurance Company (Vermont) effective 12/31/2021)
(Domicile changed from Illinois to Vermont effective 01/18/2011)
(Name changed from Coregis Indemnity Company effective 11/07/2001)
Professional Security Insurance Company (Arizona) 06/03/2022
Protective Specialty Insurance Company (Indiana) 06/01/2010

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Q - Z

Insurer Date
QBE Europe SA/NV (Belgium) 06/03/2022
QBE Specialty Insurance Company (North Dakota) 08/01/2003
QBE UK Limited (U.K.)
(Name changed from QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited effective 12/31/2018)
(Name changed from QBE International Insurance Limited effective 09/30/2005)
Republic-Vanguard Insurance Company (Arizona) 03/18/2022
Richmond National Insurance Company (New Hampshire) 11/08/2023
Scottsdale Insurance Company (Ohio) 06/30/1995
Seneca Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Domicile changed from Arizona to Delaware, effective 11/25/2014)
Shelter Reinsurance Company (Missouri) 10/18/2007

SiriusPoint International Insurance Corporation (Sweden)
(Name changed from Sirius International Insurance Corporation effective 06/07/2021)

SiriusPoint Specialty Insurance Corporation (New Hampshire) 04/29/2024
Spinnaker Specialty Insurance Company (Texas) 06/14/2023
St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Delaware) 07/06/1995

Starr Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Texas)
(Domicile changed from Illinois to Texas effective 01/01/2018)


StarStone Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)

(Name changed from Torus Specialty Insurance Company effective 09/21/2015) 

(Name changed from Praetorian Specialty Insurance Company effective 03/02/2009) 

(Name changed from Alea North America Specialty Insurance Company effective 10/02/2006)


Steadfast Insurance Company (Illinois)
(Domicile changed from Delaware to Illinois effective 12/31/2018)

Summit Specialty Insurance Company (Nebraska) 08/15/2023
Superior Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Domicile changed from Missouri to Delaware and name changed from Savers Property and Casualty Insurance Company effective 1/31/2019)
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Capacity (Missouri) 
(Name changed from First Specialty Insurance Corporation (Missouri) effective 08/01/2022)
Swiss Re International SE (Luxembourg)
(Name changed from SR International Business Insurance Company Limited (UK) effective 1/01/2008)
(Domicile changed from UK to Luxembourg effective 01/01/2008)
T.H.E. Insurance Company (Louisiana) 09/22/1995
Third Coast Insurance Company (Wisconsin) 02/03/2023
Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)
(Name changed from Philadelphia Insurance Company effective 11/01/2012)
(Domicile changed from Pennsylvania to Delaware effective 11/01/2012)
Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Company (Connecticut)
(Name changed from Aetna Excess & Surplus Lines Company, effective 7/1/97)
Tudor Insurance Company (New Hampshire) 07/18/1995
United National Insurance Company (Pennsylvania) 07/28/1995
United Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware) 05/07/2008
Vault E&S Insurance Company (Arkansas)  12/05/2019

Velocity Specialty Insurance Company (Delaware)

(Domicile Changed from Ohio to Delaware and name changed from Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Ohio effective January 30, 2017)

(Name changed from Independent Specialty Insurance Company, effective 06/27/2023)

Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company (Georgia) 12/22/1995
Watford Specialty Insurance Company (New Jersey) 04/02/2019
Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company (Georgia) 06/30/1995
Western World Insurance Company (New Hampshire) 06/30/1995

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