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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2016 CA Property & Casualty Market Share

The following reports are for the 2016 Market Share of Property & Casualty Insurers licensed to do business in California. The data are from the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) database, for California licensed companies only. The information is the same as reported on the Exhibit of Premiums and Losses (Statutory Page 14), also known as the State Page, of the insurer's Annual Statement. Only CA licensed companies actively doing business in California (with Direct Written Premium greater than $0) are included. Beginning with 2012, we have included a section showing the historical premium and loss information of the CA Proposition 103 lines of business. These are the lines subject to rate review specified in Proposition 103 (Prop. 103).

The reports are "by line of business" on an individual company basis and on a group basis, and are sorted alphabetically by company (or group) name, and by their written premium. The Top 25 Groups' report shows their breakdown of business written by concentration level, which is defined by the percentages of premium written in 2016 by line of business with respect to that group's total business written. These Top 25 Groups represent 78.06% of California's property and casualty industry. Lastly, we have included the Historical Loss & LAE Ratios of a selected 20 Insurers in California for three major lines of business, Homeowners, PPA Liability, and PPA Physical Damage. In these reports, LAE means Loss Adjustment Expense and PPA means Private Passenger Auto.

Here is a comparison of Written Premiums and Loss Ratios of 5 major lines of business:

Line of Business 2015 Written Premium
(in billions)
2015 Loss Ratio 2016 Written Premium
(in billions)
2016 Loss Ratio
Homeowners $7.4 58.36% $7.6 54.14%
Workers' Compensation $12.3 56.64% $13.0 51.73%
Private Passenger Auto (Liability & Physical Damage Combined) $23.3 67.61% $25.3 73.02%
Prop. 103 Lines Only $50.3 58.94% $53.1 74.48%
All Lines $64.7 58.77% $68.1 59.97%


We have a section for Risk Retention Groups (RRG) that had business in California in 2016. Risk retention groups are created under the federal Risk Retention Act of 1986. The Act permits an RRG to form as an insurance company and requires it follow the insurance laws of at least one state.

Note: The following reports are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file.

Risk Retention Group

KEY: The columns of the report are as follows:

Rec #: Record Count (number of companies or groups in the report)
Group #: NAIC assigned number for the Group of companies
NAIC #: NAIC assigned number for the Individual companies
Company Name: Name of the insurer
Written Premium: CA Direct Written Premium (DWP)
Market Share: Calculated by dividing the insurer's DWP by the Total DWP for all insurers
Concentration Level: The percent of premium written in the current year by line of business with respect to the group's total business written
Earned Premium: CA Direct Earned Premium (DEP)
Incurred Losses: CA Direct Losses Incurred (DLI)
Loss Ratio: Calculated by dividing the insurer's DLI by the DEP

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