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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

I Lost My Coverage, Now What?

If you have lost your coverage or your coverage is going to end there are many options for you. It all depends on what type of coverage you just lost or are about to loose. Below are some options that may be helpful to you:

I have Employer-Based Coverage

If your employer-based coverage is ending, you have several options:

Continuation Coverage programs include COBRA, Cal-COBRA, and HIPAA. These programs allow you to extend your employer-based coverage for a certain amount of time.

You can also shop for new coverage on the individual/family market.

I have Individual/Family Coverage

If you bought an individual/family policy (either directly from an insurer, through an agent or broker, or through Covered California), there are very few ways in which your insurer can rescind or cancel your coverage. Insurers can rescind your policy if you intentionally misrepresent material facts on your application.

Insurers can cancel your policy if you do not pay your premium. However, you have a 30 day grace period before insurers can cancel your policy. Insurers must give you 30 days notice by mail if they are going to cancel your insurance policy.

If an insurer sent you a policy cancellation letter, and you disagree with their reason for cancelling your policy, contact us at 1-800-927-4357 (HELP) or visit or online Consumer Hotline for help.

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