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CA Department of Insurance

Protect Yourself

Information you need to know to protect yourself in any insurance transaction:

  • Check to be sure your agent is licensed to sell insurance in California.
  • Don't let your agent rush you into a decision. Take your time and understand.
  • Don't let your sales agent "fill in the blanks" later.
  • Avoid signing any contracts or agreements without reading the fine print. If you don't understand the language, don't sign until it's explained.
  • It is O.K. to ask the tough questions: Would you be willing to explain your proposal to my Attorney, Accountant, Financial Advisor or my other friend in insurance?
  • Don't be a victim by being nice. Con artists take advantage of good people like you and take advantage of your good manners. You are under no obligation to talk to them.
  • If you are uncomfortable during the transaction for the purchase of insurance for any reason…STOP….
  • Avoid paying with cash.
  • Always obtain a receipt for monies paid.
  • Get a copy of every form you sign!
  • If you have purchased insurance, you will always receive a policy.
  • A certificate of insurance always identifies the legal name of the insurance company.
  • Beware of canceling an existing life insurance policy or an annuity for a "better one".
  • If you are under 65 years of age, you get a 10-Day Free Look and if you are 65 and older, you get a 30-Day Free Look on life insurance products. Take advantage of it! Have family members or others that you trust examine it with you.
  • It is O.K. to call your insurance company and verify your policy is in force.
  • Remember, as a Consumer Protection Agency, we are here to help.
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