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CA Department of Insurance

Investigation Division Overview

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The mission of the Investigation Division is:

"To protect California consumers by investigating suspected violations of laws and regulations pertaining to the business of insurance and seeking appropriate enforcement actions against violators."


 To realize its mission, the Investigation Division is charged with enforcing applicable provisions of the California Insurance Code under authority granted by Section 12921 and to certify crimes of which the Commissioner has knowledge to appropriate prosecuting authorities pursuant to Insurance Code Sections 12928 and 12930. The Investigation Division pursues prosecution of offenders through both regulatory and criminal justice systems.

Effective enforcement of the insurance laws helps to safeguard consumers and insurers from economic loss and eliminate unethical conduct and criminal abuse in the insurance industry.

Administrative remedies available include restriction, suspension, and revocation of the licenses of those producers who are in violation of the provisions of the California Insurance Code. Additionally, other remedies include Cease and Desist orders, restitution, fines and penalties. Civil remedies include seizing and closing the business, ordering restitution, fines and penalties. Criminal remedies available are incarceration, probation, community service, restitution, fines and penalties.

The Insurance Commissioner's priorities emphasize investigation and prosecution of premium theft, senior citizen abuses, health insurance violations, unauthorized insurers and insurance transactions, deceptive sales and marketing practices, title insurance rebates, public adjuster violations, abusive acts committed by auto insurance agents and companies and illegal bail practices.

The Division has over 90 employees in seven regional offices statewide to handle the large volume of complaints that are filed. It also partners with a number of other state and federal agencies, including the FBI, U.S. Postal Service and the Franchise Tax Board.

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