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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Rate Filing Approvals by Year

The yearly Approval lists starting in 2000 are now available in  Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).  To view the pdf forms on your browser you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher on your computer.  A free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Free Document Readers web page.

Complete Yearly Approval List

2015 Approval List; 2016 Approval List; 2017 Approval List; 2018 Approval List

2014 Approval List, 2013 Approval List2012 Approval List, 2011 Approval List, 2010 Approval List,

2009 Approval List, 2008 Approval List, 2007 Approval List2006 Approval List, 2005 Approval List,
2004 Approval List, 2003 Approval List, 2002 Approval List, 2001 Approval List, 2000 Approval List

Approved Rate Filings for 2003

COMPANY NAME through 12/31/2003

Companies A Rate Filings

Companies B-C Rate Filings

Companies D-F Rate Filings

Companies G Rate Filings

Companies H-L Rate Filings

Companies M-N Rate Filings

Companies O-R Rate Filings

Companies S Rate Filings

Companies T-U Rate Filings

Companies V-Z Rate Filings

APPROVED RATE FILINGS FOR 2002 Companies A-Z (through 12/31/2002), .zip archived format, 453 kb

APPROVED RATE FILINGS FOR 2001 Companies A-Z (through 12/31/2001), .zip archived format, 175 kb

APPROVED RATE FILINGS FOR 2000 Companies A-Z (through 12/31/2000), .zip archived format, 275 kb

Companies by Line of Insurance (through 9/30/2000), .zip archived format, 167 kb

Rate Regulation Division

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