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CA Department of Insurance

Rate Filing Approvals

The Rate Filings Closed  lists are available in  Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) or in Microsoft Excel 5.0. The Excel documents may be downloaded to your computer.  To view and complete the PDF forms on your browser you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher on your computer.  A free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Free Document Readers page.

PDF Format

EXCEL Format

Approval List October 31, 2016 PdfApproval List October 31, 2016 Excel
Approval List September 30, 2016 PdfApproval List September 30, 2016 Excel
Approval List August 30, 2016 PdfApproval List August 30, 2016 Excel
Approval List July 31, 2016 PdfApproval List July 31, 2016 Excel
Approval List June 30, 2016 PdfApproval List June 30, 2016 Excel
Approval List May 31, 2016 PdfApproval List May 31, 2016 Excel
Approval List April 30, 2016 PdfApproval List April 30, 2016 Excel
Approval List March 31, 2016 PdfApproval List March 31, 2016 Excel
Approval List February 29, 2016 PdfApproval List February 29, 2016 Excel
Approval List January 31, 2016 PdfApproval List January 31, 2016 Excel


Yearly Rate Filings Closed Lists for 2000 through 2015

The bi-weekly Rate Filing Approval lists from 1995 through April 2001 can be obtained upon request.  Please e-mail the Department's Custodian of Records at

NOTE:  Please be advised that the Line of Business column may include all programs that fall under that line. For example under Homeowners Multiple Peril filings can be for Renters, Condominiums, Mobilehomes or Single Family Homes. The Department plans on adding a column to identify program name in future lists for greater clarification.

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