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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Auto Enforcement Bureau

The Auto Enforcement Bureau (AEB) litigates enforcement actions against insurance companies and insurance agents and brokers (producers), specializing in actions related to automobile insurance marketing and claims. AEB protects the insurance public and the California insurance marketplace by ensuring that insurance producers and insurers comply with the Insurance Code and other laws and regulations that apply to the business of insurance. In addition to automobile issues, AEB attorneys prepare and file pleadings and represent the Commissioner in administrative court in disciplinary actions against both licensed and unlicensed insurers and producers, including the revocation or denial of licenses and imposing fines for unfair claims practices by insurers.

AEB also provides legal opinions to the Commissioner and to the various divisions of the Department, provides support for investigations of producers and examinations of insurers, and promulgates regulations.

Auto Enforcement Bureau Chief - Assistant Chief Counsel Michael Tancredi

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