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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Investigation Division Programs

In addition to investigating cases, the Investigation Division has an important role in assisting and educating consumers about insurance issues through the following programs:

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

The Enforcement Branch's Disaster Assistance Response Team is mobilized whenever a disaster has occurred in California involving potential insurance claims. This team is equipped to provide assistance to victims after a disaster by providing the victims with information at evacuation centers, as well as during walk and talks in the affected neighborhoods.

Life & Annuity Consumer Protection Program (LACPP)

The Life & Annuity Consumer Protection Program was enacted in 2004 to curb the dramatic increase of life insurance and annuity financial abuse (particularly against senior citizens). Funding for this program is generated from an annual assessment on all life insurance and annuity policies sold to California consumers. The CDI uses the fee assessments obtained through LACPP to provide funding to grant counties which result in insurance agents being prosecuted and convicted of theft, financial elder abuse, forgery, identity theft, and other criminal offenses.

Auto Program

The Automobile Program generates funds collected from an assessment on the sale of auto policies to California consumers. A portion of these funds are used by the Investigation Division to investigate complaints involving automobile insurance.

Public Outreach

The Investigation Division actively participates in training and educating the public, the insurance industry and allied law enforcement agencies about insurance fraud committed against California consumers.

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