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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

COIN CDFI Tax Credit Program

How it Works

COIN allocates a state tax credit of 20% on Qualified Investments of $50,000 or more that are invested for no fewer than 60 consecutive months. Every $5 of private investment in COIN Certified CDFIs is eligible for $1 in state tax credits. Qualified Investments are monitored for consistency with COIN’s mission statement and compliance with program guidelines.

A Qualified Investment must be:

  1. A deposit or loan that does not earn interest;
  2. An equity investment; or
  3. An equity-like debt instrument

The COIN CDFI Tax Credit Program requires CDFIs to apply for tax credits on behalf of the investor(s). Investors interested in receiving a tax credit through the COIN Program are encouraged to partner with one or more of the COIN certified CDFIs.

How to Apply

Once a CDFI receives a qualified investment, here are the steps to apply:

  1. Review the Application Guidelines
  2. Complete and assemble the following (This list is not exhaustive and only outlines the most commonly requested items. Please refer to the application guidelines for more complete information):
    1. COIN CDFI Tax Credit Program Application Form
    2. COIN CDFI Impact Metrics
    3. Detailed Narrative (see application guidelines)
    4. Original Copy of the investment agreement
    5. Receipt showing investment transmittance
    6. Bank statement showing cleared deposit
    7. Other
  3. The completed application package with original copies must be received by COIN before 5pm on the application deadline.
    • California Organized Investment Network
    • California Department of Insurance
    • 300 S. Spring Street, 11th Floor
    • Los Angeles, CA 90013

Additional Information

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