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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

EFT Registration

How To Register

To register to participate in the EFT program (as a mandatory or voluntary participant), you must complete the Authorization Agreement for EFT (Form CDI 93-01) and submit to CDI for approval. If can obtain on this website, or you can request one by contacting CDI's Tax Accounting/EFT Desk at (916) 492-3288, or e-mail at

On the authorization form, indicate the payment method you will use, ACH Debit or ACH Credit.

If you register for the ACH Debit method, you will be asked to complete Section I and Section II and provide a voided check. Your check will verify your financial institution's routing/transit number and your account number. This information is established in the database, whereby you can originate the transfer of funds through the ACH network by voice, touch-tone telephone, or personal computer. If you are unable to provide a voided check, a bank specification sheet may be used instead of the voided check.

If you select the ACH Credit method, complete Section I and Section III of the Form CDI 93-01. This information is maintained in our computer only for future mailings of information on EFT.

After we have received and reviewed the completed agreement form, we will notify you by letter confirming your EFT account and EFT Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). 

*Please allow 30 days for the processing of the authorization agreement.

Changing Registration Information

The following changes to your EFT account must be made using the Form CDI 93-01:
  • Change in payment methods ACH Debit & ACH Credit)
  • Change financial institutions (ACH Debit only)
  • Change account number ( ACH Debit only)
  • Change address or EFT contact person (all taxpayers)
  • Change of taxpayer's name

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