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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Notice to All Admitted Stock or Mutual, Reciprocal, or Fraternal Insurers

All insurers must complete an Annual Information Statement covering the period from the past calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Please complete one of the statements listed below that applies to your company.

In order to establish the company's continuing qualification to hold a California Certificate of Authority, the Annual Information Statement is due April 1 of the present calendar year.

  • Please scan and email the completed statement to:
  • Major changes within your Company during the past calendar year, such as those addressed in the Annual Information Statement, should have been reported to, and where necessary, prior approval obtained from the California Insurance Commissioner. If approval was not obtained, please provide that documentation with this Information Statement.
  • All questions must be answered. Indicate N/A if not applicable. The form requires a corporate seal. Digital corporate seal is acceptable.
  • Please read the entire question carefully before responding. In several instances a "yes" response requires that you submit additional information/documentation.
  • A California Certificate of Authority is continuous; no new renewal certificate will be issued. (California Insurance Code Section 701)

For further questions, please email Lisa Winfrey or call (415) 538-4463.

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