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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Merger or Transfer of substantially all of business or property

Whether or not there is a restriction on any stock certificate for an underwritten title company, underwritten title companies must apply for and receive consent of the Department prior to merging or when substantially all of their business or assets are going to be transferred, including transfers by stock purchase. For underwritten title company applicants filing a 1011(c) application for consent to a transfer of all or substantially all of its business, including a transfer of substantially all of its shares, the UTC must also file a completed "Checklist for Requests to Transfer Shares of an Underwritten Title Company," together with the referenced documents.

Underwritten Title Company filings may now be accepted electronically, using the Online Assistance System for Insurer Submittals (OASIS). If you have any questions or experience any difficulties when submitting applications on-line, contact

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