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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Withdrawal from California as an Underwritten Title Company

The California Insurance Code Sections relevant to your application are sections 1070, 1070.5, 1070.6, 1071.5, 1072 and 1076. Review of these code sections is highly recommended. The application to withdraw from California as an underwritten title company includes the following documents and forms:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to adequately complete items 1 through 9 of the checklist.  The remaining items on the checklist are responsibilities and duties performed by this Department.

All of the required documents should be carefully filled in, duly executed by a corporate officer over the corporate seal, and returned to the undersigned for processing.

Upon receipt of the proper documents in connection with your company's withdrawal together with the requisite filing fee set forth in the Department's current fee bulletin, your application will be given due consideration.

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