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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Fraternal Benefit Society (Foreign)

All fraternal benefit societies organized under the laws of states other than California, and desiring to transact business in this State, must file with the Insurance Commissioner the following documents in support of such application, before the application can be considered on its merits under the applicable provisions of the California Insurance Code:

  1. Application for Certificate of Authority to operate in California. [Sections 11090 and 11091]

  2. Copy of its charter or Articles of Incorporation certified by the home state official having custody of the original. [Section 11091(a)]

  3. Copy of its Constitution and Bylaws, certified by the Secretary or corresponding officer of the Society. [Section 11091(b)]

  4. Power of Attorney to the Insurance Commissioner to accept service of process. [Sections 11091(c) and 11104]

  5. Statement of financial condition as of December 31st last preceding, or later, under oath of the President and Secretary, or corresponding officers. [Section 11091(d)]

  6. Valuation Report certified by a duly qualified actuary. [Section 11091(e) and Sections 11133 to 11136, inclusive] Exhibit 8 of Annual Statement OK if verified by reputable actuary.

  7. Copy of Report of last Convention Examination of such Society or Report of Last Examination of the Society by the Insurance Commissioner of its home state, the copy of the report in either case to be certified by the Insurance Commissioner of the home state of the Society. The Examination Report in either case should be not later than as of the December 31st last preceding, but an older Examination up to two years old may be acceptable. [Section 11091(d)]

  8. Certificate from the Insurance Commissioner of the home state that the assets of the Society are invested in accordance with the laws of that state. [First paragraph of Section 11091 and Section 11126] [The above two certificates may be combined].

  9. A certificate from the proper official of its home state, territory, province or country that the society is legally incorporated and licensed to transact business therein.

  10. Copies of contracts, membership certificates or policies, and all application, rider and endorsement forms. [Sections 11091(g), 11066 and 11069]

  11. Please see the "Certificate of Authority" fee category on the Schedule of Fees and Charges. [Sections 11090, 11091(i)]

  12. The Insurance Commissioner may require additional information. [Section 11091(h)]

In addition to the above, the Society must qualify to do business in this State with the California Secretary of State at Sacramento, California, and meet all the requirements of that office. Information as to details of those requirements and the fees payable to that office may be obtained by addressing a communication to: 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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