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CA Department of Insurance

Certificate of Authority Section IV - Item #25

Report of Examination

A foreign insurer seeking admission to California shall submit in support of its application a current Report of Examination. The report must bear an examination date of no more than three years from the date the application for admission is filed.

If a current Report of Examination is unavailable, the Department may allow an exception. To qualify for this exception, the applicant must submit a supplemental filing within 30 days of notification. The supplemental filing must satisfy all of the following:

  1. No current examination report is available, but one not older than four (4) years is available; and

  2. The applicant must provide an update of the forepart of such report (i.e., history through accounts and records) certified as true and correct by an officer of the applicant; and

  3. The applicant must provide an independent audit report, including the management letter, not older than one year; and

  4. The applicant must provide a letter from the domiciliary authority setting forth the reason that an examination has not been conducted during the previous four (4) years; and

  5. Such domicile applies similar standards to foreign companies applying for admission. Proof of such standards should be certified by the appropriate official of the domiciliary state.

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