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CA Department of Insurance

Iran Related Investments

The purpose of this Website is to provide the public with information relating to the Commissioner's publication of information concerning investments in companies doing business with the Iran energy, nuclear and military sectors.

The following sections of this Website contain information regarding Iran-related investments.

Iran Divestment Program

The Department of Insurance recognizes that businesses supporting Iran's nuclear, military and energy sectors are exposed to potentially volatile reductions in the value of their stock. Because of the asymmetric risk associated with investments in these businesses, the Commissioner encourages all insurers to refrain from investing in multinational corporations with significant connections to these sectors of Iran.

Accordingly, in an effort to encourage insurers to divest from these risky investments, the Commissioner independently reviews and publicizes the names of insurers with investments in Iran-related businesses.  The Commissioner also maintains a public list of businesses directly engaged in the Iranian nuclear, military or energy sectors of Iran.

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List of Companies Doing Business in Specified Iranian Economic Sectors

The Department has developed a list of companies doing business with the Iranian oil and natural gas, nuclear, and military sectors. Select the link below to view the list of companies.

The Department may in the future revise the list by adding companies found to be doing business with the Iranian oil and natural gas, nuclear, and military sectors; removing companies that cease doing business with those sectors; or making changes based on other risk-related considerations.

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Discontinuation of Quarterly IRI Workbook Reports

Insurers are no longer required to file quarterly reports regarding their Iran-related investment activities.

List of Insurers with Iran-related Investments

A review of insurer financial statement records has shown that most insurers licensed to transact business in California do not hold investments in entities on the Commissioner's List of Companies Doing Business with the Iranian Energy, Nuclear and Military sectors.  A small number of insurers, however, have refused to divest from these holdings.  Select the link below to view the list of insurers with investments in Iran-related businesses.

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Contact Information

For questions regarding legal or substantive matters, please contact:

Bryant Henley, Assistant Chief Counsel

California Department of Insurance
Legal Branch
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA 95814

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