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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Education Provider Fees

Prelicensing/Continuing Education Fee Chart

Pursuant to Section 1751.5 of the California Insurance Code, filing fees are not refundable.



Prelicensing/Continuing Education Provider Certification Application


Prelicensing/Continuing Education Provider Renewal


Prelicensing Course Application


Renewal of Prelicensing Course


Continuing Education Course Application


Renewal of Continuing Education Course




All filing fees submitted are nonrefundable and must be submitted with the appropriate application.

All documents and fees should be mailed to:

Department of Insurance
Curriculum and Officer Review Bureau-Education Unit
P.O. Box 311
Sacramento, CA 95812-0311

Disclaimer: No course approved for either prelicensing or continuing education hours or any designation resulting from completion of such courses should be construed to be endorsed by the Commissioner.  



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