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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Bail Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit documents to the California Department of Insurance?

To upload documents to an application visit use the license status link and then use the paperclip icon to upload and attach.  The document list may appear, but the submit button must be selected for the final upload to occur.  This method keeps your application and documents together and information is live.

You may also email documents to  Please allow 3-5 business days for email processing.

How long is my Bail/Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent license good for?

Bail licenses are issued for a two-year term.  This includes Bail Agent/Agency, Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent/Agency, Bail Permittee, and Bail Solicitor.

I took the PC 832 Course already, do I have to do it again?

If you have the course completion certificate and attach it to the application, you do not need to take the course again.

Why do I need an identification card?

A Bail Identification card is issued to all the individual licensees and is required to do business in California.  This card should be presented to identify yourself and demonstrate you have met all licensing requirements.  Jails will require ID card when on site.

How do I request a replacement ID Card?

Submit the Bail ID Card request form LIC 268-C and required fee. Allow 2-3 weeks after the check is cashiered for the request to be processed and the new ID card to be mailed out.

How do I add or terminate a bail appointment?

  1. If a bail solicitor applicant will work for two or more bail licensees who are members of a partnership, a separate Action Notice Statement LIC 437-23 from each employer and an additional filing fee for each is required.
  2. To terminate a bail appointment email an LIC 437-23 with a signature of an authorized insurer representative to
  3. To terminate a bail fugitive recovery agent appointment, email an LIC 437-23B with a signature of an authorized insurer representative to

What should I know about Bail and Bail Fugitive Recovery Corporation requirements?

  1. Licenses may be issued to corporations to act as bail agents.
  2. Each officer, director, stockholder, and employee must hold an individual bail agent license.
  3. A corporation may not employ a bail solicitor or permittee.
  4. Any change in stockholders for the corporation shall require the prior approval of the department. Changes in stockholders, officers or directors may be submitted on form LIC 437-25.

What do I need to do to add or update a Doing Business As (DBA) on my license?

Submit the name for approval using the LIC 447-42A form and mail the form and the filing fees to the address provided.  Once the Proposed DBA name has been approved, the following items must be submitted within one year to complete the process:

  1. A newspaper posting showing the name was advertised
  2. The county clerk filing for the name
  3. An underwriter’s agreement from the surety company

What is the process for renewing a bail or bail fugitive recovery agent license?

For an on-time renewal, complete the required 12 hours of continuing education (Cal Ins §1810.7(h)), ensure at least one active appointment and one bond are on file using our check a license page, then complete the on-line renewal and pay fees at

Why hasn’t my renewal been processed?

All renewals for bail licenses must be processed manually.  Please allow 3-5 business days for renewals to be processed.

How do I late renew my bail license?

No late renewals are allowed and licenses not renewed by the expiration date will be inactivated.  To reactivate the license, agents are required to submit a new application and pay double the filing fee for one year after the expiration date (Cal Ins. 1808(b)).  Late is defined as any license renewal for which the filing fee, continuing education and required documents are not on file by the expiration date.  Agents applying during this time are not required to take a new exam, complete fingerprint requirements, or complete additional prelicensing education.

How are renewal fees calculated?

Renewal fees are calculated based on the number of appointments 90 days prior to expiration.  All appointment cancellations should be submitted 120 days in advance of renewals to ensure fees calculate correctly.  Appointment cancellations within the 90 days may cause renewals to be delayed.

How do I remove or cancel appointments with surety companies?

To remove a surety appointment, submit a signed request to  Please specify your name, license number, and the name of the Surety company you would like removed.  Be advised that there is a $311 filing fee for reactivating surety appointments.

Can I be a bail agent and a bail permittee?

An individual bail agent and a bail permittee license may be applied for at the same time, on a paper application LIC 431-1 and the fees for each license. Only a permittee's bond is required. Please submit this to the PO box on the form. If a currently licensed bail permittee subsequently applies for an agent's license, the permittee's bond on file will cover both licenses.

How do I remove or cancel a bond?

Only a surety company can cancel a bond, this cannot be requested by the licensee or an employer.  Requests to cancel a bond must be submitted by mail.

What happens if I am no longer appointed with a carrier?

You cannot do business without being appointed to a surety company.  If you are no longer appointed to any surety companies, your license will become inactive by operation of law (Cal Ins. Code 1802.1) and you will have to submit an LIC 437-23 with the filing fee per appointment, in order for your license to be reactivated for the remainder of the two year license term.

What happens if I no longer have a bond on file?

If you no longer have an active bond on file, you will have 30 days to submit a Bond of Bail Agent form 437-9, with an effective date on or before the date the previous bond became inactive (there can be no gap in bond coverage), along with the filing fee

The information on my license is not correct.  How do I change it?

If information regarding your name, date of birth, or social security number is incorrect on your license, please submit a request to change this information, along with proof of the correct information (social security cards must be signed if used) to

If information regarding your employer is incorrect, you must submit a new Action Notice Statement of Employing Bail Agent or Permittee LIC 438.

How do I contact the bail unit?



PO Box 1139
Sacramento, CA
Attn: Bail Unit


Phone: 916-492-3035

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