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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Lines of Insurance

License Information

Generally, the casualty broker-agent license allows authority to transact insurance coverage against legal liability, including that for death, injury, disability, or damage to real or personal property. The list below contains a sample of some of the insurance products that can be transacted with this license.

  • Automobile Insurance covers the loss exposures presented from the ownership and operation of a personal automobile. Coverage is provided for bodily injury and property damage to others and optionally, coverage for losses to the consumers automobile and occupants of the automobile. Coverage may be available for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and pick-up type trucks if used on public roads.
  • Commercial General Liability coverage insures against financial loss due to acts by the insured which cause financial or bodily harm to others. Five forms of liability are covered: premises, operations, products, completed operations and contractual liability.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance is insurance protection for employers to cover the cost of loss caused due to a liability claim from an employee for such offenses as discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination or other employment related claims.
  • Personal Liability Coverage protects the insured against claims alleging that a property owner's negligence or inappropriate action resulted in property damage or bodily injury to another.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is liability insurance that covers liability as a result of performing a profession such as doctors, lawyers, insurance agents and accountants. It can also include coverage for "wrongful acts" for other types of business such as beauty and barber shops to hi-tech companies. It can include policies for Errors & Omissions Insurance or for the medical field Malpractice Insurance.
  • Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy is written to provide excess limits over existing liability provisions that a customer may have such as automobile, homeowners, liability, and watercraft policies. May provide additional coverages not provided by the underlying policies. This is available in both personal and commercial policies.
  • Watercraft Insurance covers the loss exposures from the ownership of a watercraft including the vessel, its contents, and the liability of the owner. Can be modified to cover the use of the watercraft and where it travels.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance covers medical and rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and death benefits for employees injured at work; required by law in all states. 
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