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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Renew Individual Adjuster License

You have attempted to access the Application to Renew Individual Insurance Adjuster (AJ) or Public Insurance Adjuster (PJ) License, form LIC 448-29C. Pursuant to Section 1655 of the California Insurance Code (CIC), use of this form has been restricted. Specifically, this section states, in part, that no application for a license shall be deemed filed unless the document has been submitted by a means of electronic service approved by the commissioner. Most individual independent insurance adjuster and public insurance adjusters must submit their renewal to the California Department of Insurance (CDI) electronically. This requirement applies to individuals renewing the following license types:

  • Life-Only Agent
  • Accident and Health Agent
  • Property Broker-Agent
  • Casualty Broker-Agent
  • Personal Lines Broker-Agent
  • Special Lines Surplus Line Broker
  • Surplus Line Broker
  • Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent
  • Independent Insurance Adjuster
  • Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Motor Club
  • Administrator
  • Cargo Shippers' Agent
  • Portable Electronics Insurance Agent
  • Credit Insurance Agent
  • Life and Disability Insurance Analyst
  • Life Limited to the Payment of Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Part-Time Fraternal Agent
  • Rental Car Agent
  • Self-Service Storage Agent
  • Title Marketing Representative

If you are filing a renewal for one of the above listed licenses you must use CDI's Online Renewal Service

CDI's Online Renewal Service is available to insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters who want to renew their licenses after the license expiration date has passed. Additionally, the Online Renewal Service is available to insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters who previously used the online renewal service as an on-time renewal but were not able to renew their license because not all of the requirements to renew were met prior to the license expiration date. The Online Renewal Service allows these licensees, once their requirements has been met, to complete the renewal of their license by paying the 50 percent late penalty fee.

The Online Renewal Service for late renewals is not available to bail agents, who by law must reapply as a new applicant if their license is not renewed prior to the expiration date.  Please review the following link for Requirements for Late Renewals.

If you are renewing a license type that is not listed above, you may proceed to the Renew Insurance Adjuster and Public Insurance Adjuster application, form LIC 448-29C.

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